Name Titles Office Phone Email Admin. Assignment(s)
Jason Richard Eggert
  • Adjunct Clinical Professor of Law
  • Criminal Appellate Practice Clinic
743 Legal Research 734.764.2724 [email protected]
  • Lesley Rice
Rebecca S. Eisenberg
  • Robert and Barbara Luciano Professor of Law
407 Hutchins Hall 734.763.1372 [email protected]
  • Kathleen MacDonald
Matthew R. Elkin
  • Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor of Law
  • International Transactions Clinic
375 Legal Research 734.763.1985 [email protected]
  • Denise Madewell
Phoebe C. Ellsworth
  • Frank Murphy Distinguished University Professor Emerita of Law and Psychology
[email protected]
  • Zofia Bochenek
Sam Erman
  • Professor of Law
  • Co-director, Program in Race, Law, and History
437 Hutchins Hall 734.763.3806 [email protected]
  • Devin Fredrickson
Zachary D. Fasman
  • Lecturer
933 Legal Research 734.763.4701 [email protected]
  • Jason Mosebach
Leonid Feller
  • Lecturer
959 Legal Research 734.763.3809 [email protected]
Betsy L. Fisher
  • Lecturer
341 Hutchins Hall 734.763.0957 [email protected]
Matthew L.M. Fletcher
  • Harry Burns Hutchins Collegiate Professor of Law
314 Hutchins Hall 734.763.5237 [email protected]
Carrie Floyd
  • Clinical Fellow, Veterans Legal Clinic
2078 Jeffries Hall 734.763.7211 [email protected]
  • Lesley Rice
Edward G. Fox
  • Professor of Law
334 Hutchins Hall 734.763.0336 [email protected]
  • Kathleen MacDonald
Richard D. Friedman
  • Alene and Allan F. Smith Professor of Law
332 Hutchins Hall 734.647.1078 [email protected]
Bruce W. Frier
  • John and Teresa D’Arms Distinguished University Professor Emeritus of Classics and Roman Law
  • Professor Emeritus of Classical Studies
  • Professor Emeritus of Law
[email protected]
  • Devin Fredrickson
Philip M. Frost
  • Clinical Professor Emeritus of Law
[email protected]
Daniel Fryer
  • Assistant Professor of Law
361 Legal Research 734.647.7934 [email protected]
  • Devin Fredrickson
Barbara H. Garavaglia
  • Librarian Emerita
[email protected]
Priya Gianino
  • Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor
734.764.4705 [email protected]
Steve Gray
  • Lecturer
3238 Jeffries Hall 734.647.3729 [email protected]
  • Cheri Fidh
Thomas A. Green
  • John Philip Dawson Collegiate Professor Emeritus of Law
[email protected]
  • Erica Markham
Samuel R. Gross
  • Thomas and Mabel Long Professor Emeritus of Law
[email protected]