Office / Department Phone Email
1L Advocacy Clinic
Admissions Office 734.764.0537
Admissions Office - Graduate 734.764.0537
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs 734.647.3729
Associate Dean for Experiential Education 734.764.4533
Associate Dean for Faculty and Research 734.763.0404
Audio Visual
Center for International and Comparative Law 734.764.5269
Child Advocacy Law Clinic 734.763.5000
Child Welfare Appellate Clinic 734.763.5000
Civil Rights Litigation Initiative 734.763.1983
Civil-Criminal Litigation Clinic 734.763.4319
Communications Office 734.936.3612
Community Enterprise Clinic 734.615.8735
Criminal Appellate Practice Clinic
Entrepreneurship Clinic 734.763.1981
Environmental Law and Sustainability Clinic 734.763.7087
Facilities 734.763.3003
Faculty Support 734.764.4705
Federal Appellate Litigation Clinic 734.764.2724
Human Resources 734.763.1165
Human Trafficking Clinic 734.615.3600
Information Technology
International Transactions Clinic 734.763.1985
Juvenile Justice Clinic 734.763.1193
Law Library 734.764.9324
Law Quadrangle Magazine 734.615.4522
Legal Practice Program 734.647.0998
Low Income Taxpayer Clinic 734.936.3535
Michigan Innocence Clinic 734.763.9353
Office of Career Planning 734.764.0546
Office of Development and Alumni Relations 734.615.4500
Office of Finance and Planning 734.764.2399
Office of Financial Aid 734.764.5289
Office of Student Life 734.764.0516
Office of Student Records 734.763.6499
Office of the Dean 734.764.0514
Pediatric Advocacy Clinic 734.763.1942
Problem Solving Initiative
Transactional Law Clinics Program
Veterans Legal Clinic 734.763.2798
Workers' Rights Clinic