Name Titles Office Phone Email
Nathan Bauer Director of Law School Financial Aid 2200 Jeffries Hall 734.764.5289
Bridgette A. Carr Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives, Clinical Professor of Law, Director, Human Trafficking Clinic 625 S. State Street 734.615.3600
Debra Chopp Associate Dean for Experiential Education, Clinical Professor of Law, Director, Pediatric Advocacy Clinic 3028 Jeffries Hall 734.763.1948
Leigh Anne Cutcher Human Resources Director 4176 Jeffries Hall 734.763.1165
Kimberly D'Haene Assistant Dean of Student Services 316 Hutchins Hall 734.936.0776
Rashida Douglas Registrar, Director, Office of Student Records 418 Hutchins Hall 734.763.3419
Michael S. Dubin Assistant Dean for Development and Alumni Relations 4062 Jeffries Hall 734.615.4505
Michele Frasier Wing Chief Operating Officer 4170 Jeffries Hall 734.647.4084
Monica Hakimi Associate Dean for Faculty and Research, James V. Campbell Professor of Law 3062 Jeffries Hall 734.763.0404
Theresa Kaiser-Jarvis Assistant Dean for International Affairs 212 Hutchins Hall 734.764.5269
Ramji Kaul Assistant Dean for Career Planning 1100 Jeffries Hall 734.764.0546
Shelley Rodgers Chief Communications Officer 2141 Jeffries Hall 734.936.3612
Gil Seinfeld Associate Dean for Academic Programming, Robert A. Sullivan Professor of Law 333 Hutchins Hall 734.615.7284
Lindsey M. Stetson Assistant Dean for Student Life 316 Hutchins Hall 734.764.0516
Mark D. West David A. Breach Dean of Law, Nippon Life Professor of Law 324 Hutchins Hall 734.764.0514