Michigan Law has a sizable and diverse faculty, with many preeminent in their fields. The careers of alumni speak eloquently to the strength of the school; our graduates are leaders serving with distinction in the public, private, and academic sectors in this nation and beyond.

Michigan Law at a Glance

For more than 150 years, the University of Michigan Law School has offered its students one of the world's finest legal educations in a setting of stunning physical beauty. Among Michigan Law's more than 22,000 alumni are leaders in law, business, and public service in countries across the globe.

So what explains the Michigan difference? While students certainly gain access to a collegial community of scholars who work at the top of their fields, they also forge connections with each other—a diverse body of talented students whose cooperative spirit helps bring out the best in faculty and students alike. 

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In Grants to Each Incoming Class

2023 Class Profile

  • Class of 2023

    309 - Class Totals 

    21% - Michigan Residents 

    79% - Non-Residents 

    36% - People of Color

    49% - Men 

    51% - Women

    <1% - Neither Gender 

JD Graduate Placement

JD Bar Passage: First-Time

  • 2019 Calendar Year

    314 - Total Graduates in Calendar Year
    80 - Number from Calendar Year NOT taking Bar Exam
    77 - Number from Previous Years Taking Bar for First Time in Calendar Year
    7 - Number from Calendar Year with no information
    304 - Total First Time Takers in any jurisdiction
    290 - Total who passed the bar in any jurisdiction
    77.22% - ABA first time weighted average pass rate
    95.39% - Percent who passed the bar in any jurisdiction
    95.39% - Law School weighted average pass rate

Graduate Students

Tuition and Fees

  • 2022-2023

    Resident tuition and fees - $66,808

    Non-resident tuition and fees - $69,808

    Living expenses - $22,820