Full-time students: per semester



Part-time students: first hour elected



Each additional hour




Sample Student Budget 

Tuition for externships is the same as that for full-time enrolled students.

All University students, including Law students, must also pay fees each term as follows:

  • Registration: $80.00
  • Central Student Government: $11.19
  • School/College Government: $1.50
  • Student Legal Services: $8.50
  • University Unions and Recreational Sports Facility Improvement Fee: $65.00

All law students are billed a $25 Student Activities Fee for each term. The first year there is an additional $20 fee per semester.

The University of Michigan Law School estimates that a single student will incur living expenses of approximately $25,522 during the eight months comprising the fall and winter terms.

The University of Michigan requires payment of tuition, fees, and room and board charges at the beginning of each term. The Office of Student Financial Services will email the first statement for fall term mid-August.

A statement will be generated and sent via email on the 8th working day of every month in which there is any account activity or balance. Even if a statement is not received, students must pay the amount due by the deadline or be assessed a $30 late penalty per month.

Students can also access their account information on Wolverine Access.

Wolverine Access 

As in the past, students who do not meet the payment schedule will have a negative service indicator placed on their accounts, which prevents registration for subsequent terms and diplomas and transcripts from being released.

Full tuition can be refunded for a student who withdraws within three weeks of the first day of classes and half tuition can be refunded for a student who withdraws within six weeks of the first day of classes. (For the exact withdrawal dates for the current term, see the “Fee Adjustment Policy” in the online Registration Instructions.)

Student Fees and Fee Regulations 

While students may make use of the University Health Service on a limited basis they are not provided with traditional health insurance, as is the case at some universities. Refer to additional insurance application information contained in the Law School Orientation Packet.