All of us in the Admissions Office know how important the law school admissions process is to our applicants, and we take every aspect of their experience extremely seriously. While much of our work is invisible to the applicant, we work as a team to make sure our prospective students are treated with courtesy and care.

Meet Us

The Michigan Law School admissions staff would love to meet you and answer all your law school application questions live! We are offering a variety of ways for you to learn more about the admissions process and the Law School. 

We hope to meet you soon!

  • Online Workshops

    We are hosting online workshops on most Wednesdays at 12:30 p.m. ET. You can join any of the following workshops here

    • Application process: what you need to submit, when to apply, and what our team does after it receives an application. (August 23, September 27, November 8) 
    • Personal statement: how application readers evaluate the personal statement, common mistakes to avoid, and what to do instead. (August 30, October 18, November 15)
    • Why Michigan and General Q&A: why students choose Michigan Law followed by a general question and answer session; all questions welcome! (September 13, November 1, November 29)
    • Financial aid: the types of financial aid available, factors to consider with debt management. (December 6)  

    The sessions are casual and informal, no registration is necessary, and you're welcome to enter and exit a session any time during the hour. 

  • 2023-2024 Event Schedule

    Over the course of the fall we will be participating in a variety of in-person and virtual events hosted by a number of organizations; the evolving schedule, which will develop between June and August, is below.

    If you would like us to consider adding an event that your school or organization is hosting, please contact us at or 734.764.0537.

    We'll continue to update this page with events throughout the season. 



    September 2023


    Connecticut Law Fair 


    Providence Law Fair 


    Boston Law Fair 


    University of Texas - Austin Law School Fair 


    University of Texas - San Antonio Law School Fair 


    Texas A&M Law School Fair 


    National HBCU Pre-Law Expo 


    Notre Dame Law School Connections Fair 


    LSAC Forum - Chicago 


    Cornell University Law School Day 


    Great Rochester Area Law Night 


    Boston University Law School Fair 

    9/29/2023 College of William & Mary Graduate and Professional School Fair

    LSAC Law School Forum - Miami 

    October 2023


    University of Georgia Law School Fair 


    University of Minnesota Law School Fair 


    University of South Carolina Law School Fair 

    10/4/2023 University of Texas - El Paso Graduate and Professional School Fair 

    University of Wisconsin Law School Expo

    10/4/2023 Western Michigan University Graduate and Professional School Fair 
    10/5/2023 Michigan State University Graduate and Law School Fair 

    Morehouse College Law School Fair 


    University of Illinois Law School Fair 


    Indiana University Law School Fair 


    LSAC Forum - Atlanta, GA 


    Washington DC Law School Fair


    University of Maryland-College Park Law School Fair 


    Calvin College Pre-Law Day 


    LSAC Digital Forum*

    10/13 - 10/14/2023

    LSAC Forum - New York, NY


    The Ohio State University Law Fair 


    Greater Pittsburg Law Fair 


    University of Colorado-Boulder Law School Fair


    Philadelphia Law Fair 

    10/25/2023 University of California, Davis Graduate and Law School Fair

    University of Michigan Law Day 


    University of Southern California Law Fair


    Arizona State University Law School Fair


    LSAC Forum - Los Angeles 


    University of Nevada-Las Vegas Law School Fair 

    November 2023


    Big 10 Law School Admissions Panel 

    Harvard Law School Night*


    LSAC Digital Forum*


    National Black Pre-Law Conference and Law Fair


    LSAC Forum - San Francisco, CA

    *Virtual event 

  • Schedule a Law School Visit

    If you would like to visit Michigan Law, we would be happy to welcome you! We can arrange an individual 30 minute appointment with an admissions counselor in person or via phone or Zoom. Please contact us at or 734.764.0537 if you'd like to schedule an appointment and we will respond to your request within one business day. We are generally available for appointments Monday to Friday , 9:30AM to 4:30PM. 

    Use our online scheduling system to register for an in-person tour or class visit, each of which can be scheduled up to three weeks in advance. We recommend registering as early as you can once you solidify your travel plans (Mondays and Fridays tend to be the busiest days of the week!); however, if you are interested in scheduling a tour or class visit within two business days, please call our office at 734.764.0537 rather than using the online scheduling system. Because classroom space is limited, attendance for class visits is reserved for prospective students, applicants, and admitted students only. Please note that we are unable to accommodate same-day appointments. If you register for a tour or class visit and an individual appointment, we will attempt to schedule these events as close in time as possible.  

    Michigan Law is a mask-friendly space; we welcome you to wear a mask, and we ask for such decisions to be respected.

    If you have questions about visiting or are interested in arranging a tour or virtual information session for a group, please contact us at or 734.764.0537.

    Email Michigan Law Admissions