Gain a Global Perspective on the Law

At Michigan Law, we are committed to the idea that the best lawyers understand something about how the law operates beyond the borders of their own country. Studying international or comparative law helps you reflect on your own legal system and navigate cross-border issues that arise in your practice. 

Since the University’s founding in 1837, when our statutory mission demanded the law department have a faculty member devoted to international law, Michigan Law has been uniquely committed to the study of law beyond our borders. Time and again, our faculty have pioneered new fields of global study, changing the landscape of American legal education and beyond.

Our approach goes broad and deep—with a great many classes offered in a variety of formats. If you are interested in studying international law, our Center for Comparative and International Law will be an important point of contact and source of constant support throughout your law school career—and beyond. 

From cross-border issues such as war, trade, commercial arbitration, and human rights to deep considerations of legal issues within different regions or countries, you’ll have extensive access to numerous programs, clinics, and externship and fellowship opportunities. 

Michigan Law is home to the Program in European Legal Studies, Program in Refugee and Asylum Law, Chinese Legal Studies Program, and Japanese Legal Studies Program, to name a few. Through these offerings, you’ll get a chance to not just study international law, but to get hands-on experience in jurisdictions around the world.