About the Program

Michigan Law School boasts a deep tradition in the study of international economic law and transnational business law, serving as a home to generations of scholarly leadership and a distinguished worldwide alumni network in these fields. 

The Program on Law and the Global Economy serves as a hub for these interests in Ann Arbor, bringing together collaborative research, teaching, and policy-oriented outreach relating to globalization and economic affairs.

Our faculty expertise spans a wide range of legal systems, from treaty-based institutions like the international trade and investment regimes, to transnational corporate and private law. The program provides a forum for scholarly engagement across these fields, and for dialogue among academics, students, practitioners, and policymakers. 

The program organizes an annual conference, and co-sponsors a number of lectures and student-enrichment events at the law school throughout the year. It also serves as a locus for global scholarly exchange, drawing on the diverse group of visiting scholars in residence in collaboration with the Center for International and Comparative Law. 

For students interested in international economic law, cross-border transactions, and international dispute resolution, the Program on Law and the Global Economy can be a valuable resource.