Learn from Preeminent Scholars in Global Human Rights 

Michigan Law will bring you into the world of international human rights, give you the opportunity to learn from the top judges, scholars, and lawyers practicing today, and then send you out into the world to do good work. 

Your study of human rights law will be led by faculty who literally wrote the book in many of the most important fields of international and comparative human rights, including experts on women’s rights, refugee protection, gender rights, and discrimination. Because we’re based in Ann Arbor, when our faculty are here, they’re here. No other school offers the kind of real, day-to-day connections you’ll have here with the biggest names in international human rights law. 

You will have the opportunity to practice—in Michigan or around the world—through clinics, externship programs, and semesters and summers abroad. 

You will further benefit from Michigan Law’s Program in Refugee and Asylum Law, which offers the world’s most comprehensive program for the study of international and comparative refugee law, and our Human Trafficking Clinic, which was the first clinical law program solely dedicated to providing legal services to victims of human slavery, forced labor, and servitude.

James C. Hathaway on the Refugee Convention

In an interview with the Ethics Centre, Prof. Hathaway discusses the real value of the Refugee Convention and seeks to dispel common misconceptions people have about what happens when someone arrives in a country seeking refugee status.