Become a Lawyer with a Mission

The term “public interest law” is less of a specific area of law, and more of a sense of mission among its practitioners. At its core, public interest law is about access to justice and to legal representation. It’s about advocating for underserved and underrepresented communities. If you pursue a career in public interest law, there are a million ways you’ll be able to make the world a better, more just, place.

Public interest law can cover almost any substantive area of law—civil rights, environmental law, child advocacy, urban development, health law—and public interest work runs the gamut from courtroom advocacy and litigation to transactions and business law work. Public interest lawyers represent clients who may otherwise not have access to advocacy. 

Without public interest lawyers, the law is an ineffective tool for justice and protecting rights. 

Michigan Law graduates have devoted themselves to successful public interest careers making an impact in their communities. Others have used their education to bring positive change to their communities and the world through pro bono and volunteer activities. Still more have built varied careers across the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. 

No matter the direction your career ultimately takes you, Michigan Law is proud to provide you with the training, support, and opportunities to find success and make the world a better place.