This seminar provides students with an opportunity to explore how the law helps or hinders the advancement of social justice, such that, wealth and resources are distributed and accessible to all Americans. Students will produce an analytical paper (at least 30 pages in length) that will focus on a particular social equity issue such as -- criminal justice reform, racial justice, gender equality, immigrants' rights, LGBTQ+ equality, fair housing, education equity, environmental justice, health equity, human trafficking, or voting rights. Papers must involve significant and thorough independent research on an approved topic that can be written during one semester. Students will be required to meet with the professor at designated periods throughout the term so that feedback, guidance on research, and when appropriate, introductions to other faculty who may be of assistance can be facilitated. During the seminar, students should be prepared to discuss articles, cases, statutes and/or proposed legislation that directly correlate with a contemporary social justice issue. All reading materials will be provided in advance of each scheduled class session.
Attendance is required at the first class meeting and students should come prepared to discuss an intended paper topic. Those wishing to drop the course must do so within one day following the first class.