The Michigan Law Practitioner Fellowships are awarded to eligible JD graduates to provide them with opportunities to begin their career in a public service institution while building their professional network, and continuing the career exploration process.

Fellows are required to work full-time at a nonprofit organization or government agency (federal, state, or local) and expected to participate in professional development and networking programs as well.

Depending on the timing of the award, some Fellows will also be eligible for an advance to offset bar exam expenses. For the class of 2022, the total compensation for a Michigan Law Practitioner Fellow can reach $40,000.

Fellows are required to work in organizations that will advance their career goals and provide practical experience. The Office of Career Planning will work with fellowship applicants, in conjunction with our active alumni community, in finding an eligible organization that fits the design and purpose of the program.

The fellowship is particularly valuable, for example, for students whose intended future employer hires only as positions become available, such as in the public interest sector, or requires bar passage prior to the start date. In many instances, graduates continue working with their fellowship organization on a permanent basis.

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