Learn From the Scholars and Litigators Shaping Government Today

Administrative law covers government policy, regulation, and lawmaking, and it affects every industry and every other area of law. A focus in administrative law might lead to a career in the highest levels of government, to a high-paying private sector law firm jobs advising titans of industry, or to public interest work helping individual clients navigate local bureaucracies.

At its core, the study of administrative law is the study of how government works—and it touches on every aspect of American life.

With scores of groundbreaking scholars, former regulators and government officials, and practicing lawyers and advocates, Michigan Law offers unique access if you’re interested in administrative law. 

Faculty who come to teach in Ann Arbor are here to teach and be available to their students. Generally, their attention isn’t split between teaching and other local obligations. This means you’ll have the opportunity to develop connections and camaraderie with faculty and fellow students to a degree that’s often difficult in bigger cities where law school is only one of many social and professional obligations you might have.

Whether you want to understand FDA regulations from biotech experts or learn about executive branch powers from litigators who are arguing the issue before the U.S. Supreme Court, Michigan Law offers access and insight you won’t find anywhere else.