Join Our Tradition of Legal Trailblazers

From establishing the Miranda warning to securing the constitutionality of affirmative action in higher education, Michigan Law has a long tradition of shaping U.S. constitutional law in ways that deeply affect individuals and society at large.

That tradition still thrives today. 

As a Michigan Law student, you will study with prominent faculty who are changing the law through scholarship and advocacy that impacts the very definition of government, including the limits of presidential powers and immunity, disability law, sex equality, racial justice, and even the U.S. Congress’s ability to delegate powers to administrative agencies, which affects everything from Obamacare to environmental regulations. 

Michigan students have assisted faculty working on constitutional litigation, including: 

  • Vance v. Trump (the Supreme Court case testing whether a state prosecutor can investigate the President)
  • Michigan House of Representatives v. Whitmer (in which the state legislature challenged the governor's shelter-in-place COVID-19 orders)
  • Cockrum v. Donald J. Trump for President (suing the Trump campaign for violations of a Reconstruction-Era civil rights statute)

Strict Scrutiny

Created and hosted by professor Leah Litman, Strict Scrutiny is a conversation-changing weekly podcast about the Supreme Court, the legal culture that surrounds it, and the constitutional law questions in play.

Strict Scrutiny