Name Titles Office Phone Email Admin. Assignment(s)
Thomas A. Green
  • John Philip Dawson Collegiate Professor Emeritus of Law
  • Erica Markham
Samuel R. Gross
  • Thomas and Mabel Long Professor Emeritus of Law
David B. Guenther
  • Clinical Assistant Professor of Law
  • International Transactions Clinic
3120 Jeffries Hall 734.730.7074
  • Denise Madewell
Alonso Gurmendi Dunkelberg
  • Visiting Professor, Fall 2020
333 Hutchins Hall 734.647.3729
  • Rebecca Chelberg
Monica Hakimi
  • Associate Dean for Faculty and Research
  • James V. Campbell Professor of Law
3062 Jeffries Hall 734.763.0404
  • Janis Horning
Daniel H. Halberstam
  • Eric Stein Collegiate Professor of Law
  • Director, European Legal Studies Program
342 Hutchins Hall 734.763.4408
  • Alexandra Wroble
Margaret C. Hannon
  • Clinical Professor of Law
  • Legal Practice Program
311 Hutchins Hall 734.763.4714
  • Heather VanderWal
  • Megan Moore
James C. Hathaway
  • James E. and Sarah A. Degan Professor of Law
  • Director, Program in Refugee and Asylum Law
970 Legal Research 734.764.2359
  • Linda Wielfaert
Jennifer A. Haverkamp
  • Professor from Practice
  • Graham Family Director, University of Michigan Graham Institute for Sustainability
  • Cheri Fidh