Learn to Practice Law in the Motor City

One of the largest and oldest cities in the country, Detroit was a center of the civil rights movement and a manufacturing hub for decades. The turn of the century brought economic challenges that led to the city’s 2013 bankruptcy. This rich history, and an economic recovery threatened by disease and economic meltdown, present unique challenges and opportunities for Michigan Law students and graduates.

If you decide to come to Michigan Law, Detroit offers an incredible unique opportunity for your legal education. The city’s physical proximity and its longstanding ties to the University of Michigan create a partnership that benefits the city, its residents, and students like you. 

Through our Entrepreneurship and Community Enterprise clinics, you will have the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with Detroit businesses. As members of the Detroit community launch startups, face obstacles and challenges, and grow businesses, they rely on Michigan Law students like you for help.

The Community Enterprise Clinic also works closely with the Detroit Neighborhood Entrepreneurs Project to represent Detroit neighborhood-based small businesses. Clinic students offer workshops to Detroit small business owners on legal issues such as commercial leasing and starting and running a small business.

There is also a great deal of litigation experience to be had through Michigan Law’s efforts in Detroit. Our pro bono program frequently offers more than 30 individual projects each year. And The Michigan Innocence Clinic and Detroit Litigation Advocacy Workshop will give you the chance to help represent Detroit citizens with legal issues. 

Detroit is a fascinating city with a long, rich history. Michigan Law will give you the opportunity to hone your skills while helping this amazing city survive and thrive.