IP: The law of everything

Intellectual property refers to the set of rules for securing and enforcing legal rights to inventions, designs, and artistic works. From sharing photos with friends to allergy management to sowing seeds on a farm on the other side of the globe, IP affects almost everything we do. 

Michigan Law has one of the best IP law faculties in the United States. It includes experts on Internet and digital IP issues, biopharmaceutical IP, online contracts, antitrust regulations and patents, and more. Our faculty also includes clinicians who work with entrepreneurs and start-ups and practitioners who advise artists and digital archivists on copyright and other IP issues. 

Our graduates serve on the Federal Circuit, advise corporations, and teach at law schools around the country and the world. 

Antitrust: The law of corporate power

Antitrust laws protect consumers from predatory business practices. They prevent monopolies and put limits on the size and power of corporations. Just because a business created or discovered something doesn’t mean they can hoard that knowledge for unfair financial gain. 

Our antitrust faculty include scholars and practicing attorneys in antitrust and competition law in the US, the EU, and around the world.