The University of Michigan is not just a world-class law school. It is a world-class research university with a first-rate comprehensive academic medical center. 

Michigan Law has one of the—if not the—strongest faculty in any law school focused on biomedical technology, including a scholar whose work essentially created this field of law. As a law student, you will work hand-in-hand with some of the biggest voices in health law and biomedical innovation today. Our faculty members are breaking new ground in health law, from FDA regulations to disability protections to tech advances in medical devices and pharmaceuticals. 

Beyond the law school, you can also take courses at the School of Public Health, the Ford School of Public Policy, the Ross School of Business, and even the Medical School. Some students will also do semester- or summer-long clerkships with Michigan Medicine—the University’s health system—where they can get insight on a host of legal issues confronting large hospital systems. 

The U-M Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation also serves as a vibrant umbrella organization to facilitate interdisciplinary work at Michigan.