"Valuing Social Data"

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"Distinguished Discussant Comment on Grotius Lecture, “The Art of International Law, ” by Judge Hilary Charlesworth of the International Court of Justice"

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Research Handbook on the Philosophy of Contract Law

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The New International Tax Regime

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  • Tax Law

International Intervention in Domestic Constitution Making

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Capital Gains Realizations

Foreword to Art and Human Rights: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Contemporary Issues

Art and Human Rights: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Contemporary Issues


Modern Criminal Procedure, Cases, Comments, & Questions

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Taxation for a New 'New Deal': Short-, Medium-, and Long-Term Options

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Comparative Approaches to Regulation in India and China

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Taxing Nomads: Reviving Citizenship-Based Taxation for the 21st Century

The Licensed Library: Lending in the Era of Digital Books

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Staatsziel Tierschutz – Rechtsauftrag und Verantwortung Deutschlands in der Europäischen Union

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"Einsatzmöglichkeiten für Streitkräfte im Rahmen der Vereinten Nationen, unter besonderer Berücksichtigung des Handlungsspielraums von Regionalorganisationen"

A Different Tax on Stock Buybacks

The Essential Gatt

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State Discrimination Against Federal Rights

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Direct Rights of Individuals in the International Law of Armed Conflict

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An Introduction to the Medical Evaluation of Child Maltreatment

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Gender-Based Positive Action in Employment in Europe: A Comparative Analysis of Legal and Policy Approaches in the EU and EEA

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The Lay Contract Schema and the Problem of Formalizing Consent

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International Law in a Transcivilizational World

Fields of Empire Ripe for Trade Unionism: The American Federation of Labor, Agricultural Workers of Color, and the Pan-American Labor Movement