"2022-23 Survey of Applied Legal Education"

"Understanding Tax Competition"

  • Tax Law
Tax Competition

The Ethics and Etiquette of Structure

Who was the Author of the Batmobile?

"International Human Rights Law"

The Cambridge History of International Law

International Law between Covid-19 and the next Pandemic

In Courts Where Ghosts Appear: A Litigator Looks at the Salem Witch Trials

  • Litigation

"Effects of Communicating the Rise of Climate Migration on Public Perceptions of Climate Change and Immigration"

Rethinking Justiciability And Remedies

"Informationalism Beyond Managerialism"

Law and Contemporary Problems

""Nobody is Proud of Soft Dollars": The Impact of MiFID II on U.S. Financial Markets"

Journal of Financial Regulation

Corporate Taxation and the Distribution of Income

Women's Lives in Men's Courts: Briefs for Change

  • Civil Rights

"The Role of Private and Public Lands in the U.S. Clean Energy Transition"

Journal of Land Use and Environment Law

Evaluating Tax Harmonization

Controlling Externalities: Ownership Structure and Cross-Firm Externalities

Leading Cases in Administrative Law

  • Administrative Law

"Why We Should Stop Talking About Violent Offenders: Storytelling and Decarceration"

Northwestern University Law Review


Modern Criminal Procedure, Cases, Comments, & Questions

Taxation and the New 'Progressives'

  • Tax Law

New Developments in US Treaty Overrides

The Dubious Constitutional Origins of Treaty Overrides

Consent Searches and Underestimation of Compliance: Robustness to Type of Search, Consequences of Search, and Demographic Sample

Dworkin in His Best Light

"Against a Deconstitutionalisation of International Law in Times of Populism, Pandemic, and War"

Journal of Constitutional Justice

The Content of Consent

"Valuing Social Data"

Columbia Law Review

"Distinguished Discussant Comment on Grotius Lecture, “The Art of International Law, ” by Judge Hilary Charlesworth of the International Court of Justice"

American Society of International Law Proceedings

"Regulating for Energy Justice"

  • Environmental and Energy Law
NYU Law Review

Innovation Institutions and COVID-19

  • Law and Technology
  • Health Law

"Constraining Bureaucracy Beyond Judicial Review: Rethinking Administrative Law in a System Without Courts"

Cambridge University Press

"What Do Consumers Understand About Predispute Arbitration Agreements? An Empirical Investigation"

"Locating Liability for Medical AI"

DePaul Law Review

"Repair As Research: How Copyright Impedes Learning About Devices"