Direct Rights of Individuals in the International Law of Armed Conflict

  • International and Comparative Law
  • Constitutional Law
  • Human Rights

Der internationale Menschenrechtsschutz in Zeiten von Postglobalismus und Populismus

  • International and Comparative Law
  • Constitutional Law
  • Human Rights

Gender-Based Positive Action in Employment in Europe: A Comparative Analysis of Legal and Policy Approaches in the EU and EEA

"An Interpretive Critique of Independent State Legislature Doctrine"

Wisconsin Law Review

Commentary on the Technical Barriers to Trade Agreement (of the WTO)

Antitrust and the Corporate Tax, 1909–1928

  • Tax Law

Taxes in the Time of Coronavirus: Is It Time to Revive the Excess Profits Tax?

  • Tax Law

Taxation and the New 'Progressives'

  • Tax Law

The New International Tax Regime

  • International and Comparative Law
  • Tax Law

Taxation for a New 'New Deal': Short-, Medium-, and Long-Term Options

  • Tax Law

Overcoming Political Polarization: Federal Funding of Education Is the Key

  • International and Comparative Law
  • Tax Law

Constitutional Review of Federal Tax Legislation

  • Constitutional Law
  • Tax Law

The US Taxpayer Bill of Rights: Reflections on a Toddler

  • International and Comparative Law
  • Tax Law

International Tax Law- Status Quo, Trends and Perspectives

  • International and Comparative Law
  • Tax Law

A Break in the Dam? India’s New Profit Attribution Proposal and the Arm’s Length Standard

  • International and Comparative Law
  • Tax Law

"Innovation Law and COVID-19: Promoting Incentives and Access for New Healthcare Technologies"

  • Law and Technology
  • Health Law
COVID-19 and the Law: Disruption, Impact and Legacy

"A Modern Copyright Framework for the Internet of Things (IoT): Intellectual Property Scholars' Joint Submission to the Canadian Government Consultation"

"Lawyering the Indian Child Welfare Act"

  • Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility
Michigan Law Review

"Flexibility and Conversions in New York City’s Housing Stock: Building for an Era of Rapid Change"

Economic Policy Review

"Regulating for Energy Justice"

  • Environmental and Energy Law
NYU Law Review

"Market Need for Pipelines in an Age of Climate Change: A Spotlight on FERC and the Courts"

Yale Journal on Regulation

"The Role of Private and Public Lands in the U.S. Clean Energy Transition"

Journal of Land Use and Environment Law

"On Firms"

University of Chicago Law Review

The Licensed Library: Lending in the Era of Digital Books

"Campaigns, Copyright and Tarnishment"

"Mandating Repair Scores"

Berkeley Technology Law Journal

"Ending Intellectual Property"

  • Intellectual Property and Antitrust

The Containment: Detroit, the Supreme Court, and the Battle for Racial Justice in the North

  • Detroit

"The New International Law of Contracts"

  • International and Comparative Law
European Journal of International Law

"Revisiting the Margin of Appreciation in Investor-State Dispute Settlement"

  • Corporate and Securities Law
International Law and the Margin of Appreciation

International Intervention in Domestic Constitution Making

  • International and Comparative Law

The Essential Gatt

"VCLT Article 31: General Rule of Interpretation"

  • International and Comparative Law
General International Law in International Investment Law

The Private Law of Investment Treaties

  • Corporate and Securities Law

"Legal Aspects of Artificial Intelligence in Medical Practice"

Artificial Intelligence in Clinical Practice

"Health AI, System Performance, and Physicians in the Loop"

The Economics of Artificial Intelligence: Health Care Challenges

"Legal Processes Required to Implement AI in Healthcare"

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Healthcare

"Rethinking Innovation at FDA"

Boston University Law Review

"Defending Chevron and the Pull of Stare Decisis"

George Mason Law Review

"Agency Appellate Review"

A Guide to Federal Agency Adjudication

"Stages of the Adjudicatory Process"

A Guide to Federal Agency Adjudication

"Judicial Hierarchy and Change in Administrative Law"

"Agency Adjudication and the Right to Remove"

"Saving Agency Adjudication"

"Constraining Bureaucracy Beyond Judicial Review: Rethinking Administrative Law in a System Without Courts"

Cambridge University Press

New Developments in US Treaty Overrides

The 1923 Report and the International Tax Revolution

Cases and Materials on Marijuana Law

"Law, Antiquity; Law, Enlightenment; Law, Middle Ages; Law, 19th Century; Law, Renaissance; Law, 20th Century"

Sage Encyclopedia of Theory

"The Weakness of Neighborhood Revitalization Planning in the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program: Warnings from Connecticut"

Journal of Land Use and Environment Law