About the LLM Program

The Michigan Law LLM program began more than 130 years ago and continues to flourish today. Unique among its peers, our program stands out for many reasons.

In our LLM program, you will:

  • develop meaningful and lasting relationships with your classmates
  • be fully immersed in the US legal system by taking classes with JD students
  • learn from our faculty of globally renowned scholars and practitioners
  • become part of a community of more than 45,000 graduate and undergraduate students from six continents
  • reside in a small city that is widely recognized for its high quality of living in the heart of the United States
  • have easy access to restaurants, cafes, shops, theaters, museums, athletic venues, and parks

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Why Choose Michigan Law’s LLM Program?

  • Flexible Curriculum

    Our flexible curriculum empowers students to select from nearly all of the Law School’s courses to design their own focus and experience.

    It enables students to earn academic credit while pursuing independent research under the direct supervision of world-renowned professors. Our interdisciplinary approach also encourages students to take courses in the University of Michigan’s other top-ranked programs.

    Course Catalog

  • Small Cohort

    Because each LLM student is carefully selected, the class is extremely bright, inquisitive, and diverse.

    With only a few dozen participants, our LLM students become friends with their classmates and receive individualized mentoring and support from faculty and staff. Our students develop meaningful connections that last long after their LLM year.

    Ask an LLM Student

  • Full Integration into the Law School Community

    Students study and attend class with our 1,000 JD students, who come from nearly every US state and more than 15 countries.

    By learning and studying with JD students, our LLM students expand their social and professional networks and are fully integrated into life at the Law School.

    Student Life and Community

  • Learn from the Best

    With an interdisciplinary mindset and a genuine love of teaching, our professors are outstanding scholars, practitioners, and mentors.

    Our faculty have unparalleled expertise in a wide variety of legal areas. Many have lived, studied, or worked outside the United States, and they are fluent in more than a dozen languages. Our faculty are accessible and approachable, and they host seminars at their homes and invite students to group lunches.

    Our Faculty      Academic Areas of Interest

  • Commitment to Global Education

    Michigan Law has long been held in high esteem among the international legal community.

    In 1878, the first students from Japan earned law degrees from the University of Michigan, and the Law School granted its first LLM degrees in 1890.

    The Law Library became the first depository for European Union documents at an American university in 1957, and Ann Arbor is the birthplace of the American Society of Comparative Law.

    We foster the development of international legal scholars and lawyers by providing our students opportunities to present research in the Salzburg Cutler Fellows Program and participate in the Overseas-Trained LLM Student Interview Program in New York every winter.

    Global Opportunities      Center for International and Comparative Law

  • A Robust and Loyal Alumni Network

    Graduates join the ranks of more than 22,000 Michigan Law alumni around the globe, becoming lifelong members of the Law School community.

  • Quality of Life in Ann Arbor

    Students enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience in Ann Arbor, a small city that is widely regarded as one of the top places to live in the country.

    With more than 400 restaurants, the largest stadium in the United States, more than 150 parks, a dozen museums, more than 90 miles of bike paths, the Huron River, and multiple theaters and performing arts venues, Ann Arbor has something to offer everyone.

    The Law School is just steps away from downtown Ann Arbor, the center of the city. Within a 30-minute drive of Ann Arbor is the Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport, an international hub that offers direct flights to destinations around the country and the world.

LLM Degree Requirements

  • Degree Requirement Details
    • Earn at least 24 credits. At least 18 of these credits must be earned in Michigan Law School courses.
    • Satisfy the constitutional law requirement. Successfully pass either Introduction to Constitutional Law and American Legal Process (Law 631, for LLM students only) or Introduction to Constitutional Law (Law 540, the JD required course).

      Law 631   Law 540
    • Satisfy the research requirement. Successfully complete a qualifying seminar or course or earn two credits of Independent Research (Law 900).  

      Law 900

    • We encourage students not only to consider courses in their area of legal interest, but also to take courses that expand the way they think about the law and legal problems. 
    • Students should also consider the professor teaching the course. Many students select classes for the opportunity to engage with specific professors, not only for the course topic, but for the quality of their minds and the excitement of their intellectual approach to legal studies.

    Degree Requirements

Apply Now for Michigan Law’s LLM Program

The Michigan LLM is a full-time program, and all students begin classes in late August. LLM students are permitted to enroll in most Law School courses, including several clinics. In fact, we reserve seats in many fall semester courses to ensure places are available by the time you enroll. We offer two courses that are exclusive to LLM students (a constitutional law course and a research and writing course). Both courses are optional, though generally recommended.

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Daniele de Oliveira Nunes, LLM ‘19

The amount we learn in the classrooms is enormous, but the personal connections we build are also crucial in expanding our horizons.

Daniele de Oliveira Nunes, LLM ’19 Senior Associate, Leal Cotrim Jansen Advogados, Rio de Janeiro