The Salzburg Cutler Fellows program, under the auspices of the non-profit Cutler Center for the Rule of Law, is designed to develop outstanding students who are interested in international law and legal practice. At a two-day event in Washington, DC, the program brings together law professors, judges, practitioners, and law students to develop networks, build leadership skills, and explore research areas of private and public international law.

Participating students are chosen only from 14 top US law schools and, once nominated by their institutions, will present their original research papers for comment during the Washington, DC event. Michigan Law sends four students each year. Both JD (2L or 3L) and LLM students are eligible to apply. All selected students will have their travel expenses fully funded by the Law School.

The Washington, DC, session typically takes place in February, according to the following sample schedule:

  • Thursday: Welcome dinner for all participants.
  • Friday: Small group sessions to discuss student papers; short talks, panels, and networking opportunities; dinner for all participants.
  • Saturday: “Looking beyond Law School” program.


Cutler Fellows

Salzburg Global Seminar

About the Program

  • What is the cost?

    Michigan Law School will cover the cost of transportation and up to two nights of shared accommodations in Washington, DC. Meals will be provided by the Salzburg Global Seminar.

  • Who is eligible to apply?

    2L, 3L, and LLM students are invited to apply. Students with strong international experience and/or backgrounds are particularly encouraged. A maximum of four students will be nominated by Michigan Law School.

  • Application

    The application deadline for 2021 remains to be determined due to the pandemic. One a deadline is confirmed, please email complete applications in one PDF to Elizabeth Snook (

    Complete applications include the following:

    • Cover letter explaining your background and interest in the Salzburg Cutler Program
    • Unofficial Michigan Law School transcript, including current course enrollment (Attention LLM students: Please also provide a copy of transcripts from all previous university-level education.)
    • Resume or CV.
    • Two-page abstract
  • Two-page Abstract

    Your abstract should be two pages long and describe the research topic you propose presenting during the small group sessions in Washington, DC. The abstract should outline an issue or question of international law that will be developed into a research paper, journal note, or other publication. Abstracts based on articles or papers currently in development for other purposes (seminars, independent study, law review, etc.) are strongly encouraged.

    During the event in Washington, DC, students will present a version of their abstract which has been expanded to a five to eight page executive summary. Final development of this executive summary will be done under the supervision of Michigan Law’s designated Salzburg Cutler faculty member, who is currently Professor Kristina Daugirdas.

    In Washington, executive summaries will be reviewed by participating lawyers, judges, professors, and students in small breakout sessions. Breakout sessions are generally grouped into five major areas:

    • Humanitarian law, human rights, and use of force
    • International economic, investment, and monetary law
    • International trade, anti-corruption, and antitrust
    • International institutions and international relations
    • Rule of law and comparative constitutionalism