Laptop Setup Instructions

Policies and Optional Installations

  • Policies and Information
  • Optional Installations

    Windows Only

    Here is a listing of free alternative antivirus programs.

    Reminder: You should only have one antivirus program installed at one time.

    AVG Antivirus

    Avira Antivirus

    FoxIT or Acrobat DC Reader will enable you to read PDF documents.

    FoxIT PDF Reader

    Acrobat DC Reader

    Microsoft offers Windows 10 to University of Michigan students at no cost.

    Learn more and sign up



    Optional info for all operating systems

    The university uses Duo two-factor authentication for all weblogin-protected resources. This Duo management page will allow you to manage a device that you have already enrolled in Duo or enroll a new device for use with Duo.

    Tip: You can save your login session for up to 7 days.

    Duo Management

    Microsoft offers Office 365 to University of Michigan students at no cost.

    Learn more and download

    As a current U-M student, you may install and use Adobe Creative Cloud at no cost. The Creative Cloud Suite includes Acrobat Professional which allows editing PDFs.

    Learn more and download

    A VPN is available to all Law Students needing a secure connection to the University network.

    VPN Remote Access 

    Learn more about your UMICH Google account (Email, Calendar, Drive, etc).

    Umich Google Information

    Canvas allows collaboration between students and professors. It provides a means of sharing electronic course materials online.


    CALI is a collection of interactive tutorials written by law faculty and designed as learning tools for law students.

    CALI Website

    MPrint allows you to upload a file to be printed to any SITES printer. MPrint uses your University print quota ($24.00 at 6 cents per side per semester). There are three SITES printers at the Law School.


    The University of Michigan Police Department offers a free electronic device registration program to members of the University to reduce the risk of theft.

    Tip: To automatically find the required information about your laptop, you can run the auto-detect program for your operating system listed to the right.

    UMPD device registration Website

    Auto-detect program for Windows

    Auto-detect program for Mac

    The Knox Center meets the needs of U-M community members, primarily students, who have questions about modifications or alternatives to standard monitors, keyboards or mice, or who are seeking high-tech tools to help with reading and writing.

    Adaptive Technology Computing

  • Cloud Storage

    Students are not permitted to save or store files on the Law School lab computers because those computers are restored to their original state every time they restart; any files saved on those computers will be deleted and will be unrecoverable. It is important, therefore, that you use another source for storage, such as