Student Network Registration

Please register your laptop, iPad, or other wireless device with the Law School.

Network Registration Automator Program for Windows 

Network Registration Automator Program for macOS 

Alternatively, you may enter this information in manually. Registering mobile devices will require manual registration.

Complete Manual Registration

Why do we want this information from you?

The Law School requires that students provide detailed information about their laptops or other wireless devices that they intend to use on the Law School’s wireless network for a number of reasons.

  • Law School Information Technology staff can alert students about possible compatibility problems with operating system versions or wireless hardware. One example of such a problem was a type of wireless card that caused “blue screens” in Windows when the laptop was connected to our wireless network.  
  • For statistical purposes. We strive towards making all our services and applications work with the most common hardware and software that students bring with them to Law School.   If we can collect information about student computers, we are more likely to stay current on what is most common.