Registration Schedule

Fall Term 2021

Wolverine Access Drop/Add Start

May 17 (8 a.m.), Monday

Waitlist Class Permissions* Start

August 30 (8 a.m.), Monday

Class Bidding (Mini-Seminar) Start

August 30 (8 a.m.), Monday

Class Bidding (Mini-Seminar) End

September 1 (5 p.m.), Wednesday

Class Bidding (Mini-Seminar) Results Available and Class Permissions* Entered

September 3 (6 p.m.), Friday

Wolverine Access Drop/Add End

September 7 (11:59 p.m.), Tuesday

Wolverine Access "Late" Drop/Add Start

September 8, Wednesday

Wolverine Access "Late" Drop/Add End

December 3, Friday

Fall 2021 Research Enrollment Requests Due

December 3, Friday

Spring/Summer 2021

Continuing Law students who plan to take courses over the summer should contact to request an enrollment appointment.

Winter Term 2022

Class Bidding (Clinic) Start

October 26, 2021 (8 a.m.), Tuesday

Class Bidding (Clinic) End

October 29 (5 p.m.), Friday

Class Bidding (Clinic) Results Available

November 12 (5 p.m.), Friday

Class Bidding (Seminar, Practice Simulation, PSI and Upper Class Course) Start

November 15 (8 a.m.), Monday

Class Bidding (Seminar, Practice Simulation, PSI and Upper Class Course) End

November 17 (5 p.m.), Wednesday

Class Bidding (Seminar, Practice Simulation, PSI and Upper Class Course) Results Available

December 2 (5 p.m.), Thursday

Wolverine Access Drop/Add Start

December 21 (8 a.m.), Tuesday

Waitlist Class Permissions* Start

January 12, 2022 (8 a.m.), Wednesday

Class Bidding (Mini-Seminar) Start

January 12 (8 a.m.), Wednesday

Class Bidding (Mini-Seminar) End

January 17 (5 p.m.), Monday

Class Bidding (Mini-Seminar) Results Available and Class Permissions* Entered

January 19 (6 p.m.), Wednesday

Wolverine Access Drop/Add End 

January 20 (11:59 p.m.), Thursday

Wolverine Access "Late" Drop/Add Start

January 21, Friday

Wolverine Access "Late" Drop/Add End

April 20, Wednesday

Winter 2022 Research Enrollment Requests Due

April 20, Wednesday

* Class permissions with enrollment deadlines entered by Office of Student Records. Selected students will receive an automated "Class Permission" email and have a limited time-frame (sometimes less than 24 hours) in which to enroll in Wolverine Access or forfeit their enrollment opportunity.

Please note

  • Seminars, practice simulations, and clinics have waitlists. Classes with the "Upper Class" course type in the Law School’s course catalog do NOT have waitlists.
  • Students can add themselves to the bottom of a waitlist if a seminar or practice simulation is closed and a waitlist position is available.
  • Students can drop themselves from a waitlist with the exception of a clinic waitlist. To drop from or add to a clinic waitlist, email Include a statement of interest and attach a resume if you are adding to a clinic waitlist.
  • Dual-degree students must always enroll in law classes under their law career.
  • If you do not have a law enrollment appointment, call the Law School’s Office of Student Records (734.763.6499). Or, email Be sure to include your name and UMID number.
  • Law School students are not permitted to officially audit law classes.
  • Law students may notselect “Override Time Conflict” when enrolling in classes in Wolverine Access, per the Academic Regulations.
  • Law students are permitted to take a maximum of 15 credits per term. If you have a compelling need to exceed 15-credits, submit a Credit Under/Overload request.
  • Law students are unable to enroll themselves directly in a class with variable credits such as 900 Research. 
  • Do not use the browser’s back button in Wolverine Access because it may prevent you from saving changes or logging out securely.
  • Wolverine Access will automatically end your session or “time out” if you do not perform a transaction within an allotted time.
  • Students who are not “officially enrolled” BEFORE the first day of classes for a term will be subject to a late registration fee of $50.00, which increases by $25.00 on the first of every month during the term, and must have permission from the Office of Student Life.
  • Enrolling with Wolverine Access

    Wolverine Access is a quick, convenient way for current and prospective University of Michigan students to access password-protected personal University information, including financial aid documents, award notices and student account statements.

    For class enrollment information:

    • Check the student Announcements for important information
    • Go to Students > Student Business > Student Center

    Go to Wolverine Access 

    Need help? 

    Try Backpack and Registration simulations that demonstrate how to add non-law classes, drop/add a class, add to a waitlist, swap classes, etc.


    For help with Wolverine Access, email, or call 734.764.4357.

  • Joining a Waitlist 

    If a class is closed and has a waitlist available, turn on the "add to waitlist" checkbox that appears on the Enrollment Preferences page when adding the class to your Backpack.

     If the class is already in your Backpack, return to the Class Enrollment Preferences page (click on class section link to open) to turn on the waitlist option. Select the class in your Backpack and complete the "1-2-3" on-screen steps to register (i.e., placed on the waitlist if a position is available).

Department Consent to Enroll

Department Consent means students cannot add themselves directly to the class because there are special requirements. The classes that have Department Consent coding include:

Instructor Consent to Enroll

Instructor Consent means students cannot add themselves directly to the class because there are special procedures. The classes that have Instructor Consent coding include:

Class Permission to Enroll

A Class Permission (electronic override) from the Law School’s Office of Student Records is required in order to enroll in a closed seminar or practice simulation with a waitlist. The Office of Student Records will contact waitlisted students by email as seats become available.

  • Non-“Prof Pick” Classes

    Beginning on the first day of classes for the term — during the Waitlist Drop/Add period — and to the extent that students can be reached earlier, the Office of Student Records will review the waitlists for non-“prof pick” seminars and practice simulations and offer an available seat to the first student on the waitlist. A Class Permission (electronic override) will be entered into Wolverine Access and a time-sensitive email sent to the student.

  • “Prof Pick” Classes

    “Prof pick” seminars and practice simulations are identified in the term class schedule by footnote #9. During the Drop/Add period, in order to obtain a seat in a “prof pick” class, students must add their names to the waitlist in Wolverine Access; then send an email to the professor stating that that they have placed their names on the waitlist and are submitting a statement of interest for consideration. If/when a seat is available in a “prof pick” seminar or practice simulation, the professor will select a student from any position on the waitlist, and notify the Office of Student Records. A Class Permission (electronic override) is entered into Wolverine Access and a time-sensitive email is sent to the selected student.

    Class Permissions work in the background once the “Register for Class” button is clicked and allow the student to enroll. If the student fails to add the class by the deadline found in the email, the enrollment opportunity will be LOST and the seat will be offered to another student.