The Administrative Conference of the United States (ACUS) has appointed Professor of Law Nicholas Bagley as a public member for a two-year term. 

ACUS is an independent, nonpartisan federal agency within the executive branch whose statutory mission is to identify ways to improve the procedures of federal agencies. ACUS has issued hundreds of recommendations since 1968 to enhance the efficiency, adequacy, and fairness of rulemaking, adjudication, and other administrative processes. As a member of the ACUS’s Assembly, Bagley will advise on administrative law topics and provide feedback and recommendations for improving administrative procedure. 

The Assembly consists of 40 public members who are academics, practitioners, and other private-sector experts; 50 government members; and 10 presidential appointees. Bagley is among seven new public members announced Aug. 2.

ACUS has worked for decades to improve the quality of governance in the United States. It’s an honor to have a chance to help carry its work forward,” Bagley said.

ACUS Chair Andrew Fois said of the new appointments, “ACUS warmly welcomes these distinguished new members and senior fellows. We are grateful to them for volunteering their time and expertise in the service of ACUS’s important mission to improve administrative procedure for the benefit of the American people. ACUS is lucky to have them.”

Bagley is an expert in administrative law and health law. In 2020 and 2022, he served as special counsel and then chief legal counsel to Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. His academic work has been published widely, including in Harvard Law Review and Columbia Law Review, and he contributes frequently to popular outlets, including The New York Times and The Atlantic. Before joining Michigan Law, Bagley was an attorney with the appellate staff in the Civil Division at the US Department of Justice.

In addition to Bagley’s appointment, two other current Law School faculty members, Nina Mendelson and Christopher Walker, are senior fellows of the conference.