"Sexual Harassment: An International Human Rights Perspective"

Michigan Law Authors
Publish Date
Directions in Sexual Harassment Law
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Book Chapter

This chapter considers sexual harassment in the workplace from the perspective of international human rights law. Adopting a human rights approach places sexual harassment in the context of women's economic and social rights, and more broadly in the wider frame of international imperatives, such as the maintenance of international peace and security and global economic development. Sexual harassment has come onto the international agenda relatively recently, and the story comprises both the inclusion of prohibitions within legal instruments and significant silences, especially where breaking the silence requires intrusion into state policies relating to militarism, trade and investment liberalization, and the domestic jurisdiction exclusion from international regulation. Sexual harassment has received little attention at the international level compared with other issues of women's human rights, such as other forms of violence against women, reproductive rights, and crimes committed against women in armed conflict.