The primary use of law school space is for academic pursuits as determined by the law school administration.  Events that are consistent with the academic mission of the Law School will be given priority consideration.  Space may, however, be reserved for extra- and co-curricular use within the following guidelines which apply to all locations at the Law School. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis in consultation with the special events manager.

  • Space will only be reserved for events that support the academic mission of the Law School and the University of Michigan. Priority is given to Law School events.
  • During the main academic year, requests for space cannot be confirmed until the academic schedule is set. (Usually by July for the upcoming Fall semester and November for the upcoming Winter semester.) 
  • Space may not be reserved or used for personal events. 
  • Events should be scheduled to take place during regular business hours (8am-5pm). Events outside of regular hours of operation will require prior approval from the special events manager. If additional facilities or AV support is required (as determined by the law school administration), the cost of these additional services will be the responsibility of the groups or organizations reserving the space.
  • All reservations are subject to change, should the academic needs of the Law School require it.
  • Occupancy is restricted by the Fire Marshal’s regulations.

Who can reserve space?

Michigan Law School faculty, staff, students, and student organizations registered with and officially recognized by the Law School’s Office of Student Life (“Eligible Organizations”) may make room and/or table reservations. Law students may make room reservations for the purposes of studying or group meetings with other law students. Eligible Organizations may reserve space for advertised programs and/or guest speakers. (If you are unsure whether your group is recognized, please check with the Law School Office of Student Life to determine your group status.) Note that we reserve the right to revoke a reservation and future reservation privileges for those people or groups who reserve space on behalf of individuals who are not affiliated with the Law School, external groups, or non-recognized Law School groups.

Table Reservations

Internal Reservations

Eligible Organizations can reserve table space and may also be permitted to reserve table space with external, non-profit entities so long as the student organization will be present and actively involved throughout the duration of the tabling activity and the external entity’s mission is relevant to the Law School community 

Outside Entity Reservations

Entities offering services or products directly related to assisting law students in their studies or law practice (e.g. research aids or bar studies), or working in collaboration with a law school department may be eligible to reserve tables. Those entities with whom the Law School has contracted for student training will not be charged for reservations directly related to their training activities. They will, however, be charged for reservations having to do with recruiting, advertising, or other activities unrelated to training. Table reservations of this type are limited to two lunch periods per week, per outside entity. For this purpose, lunch period is defined as 11:00 1:00 p.m. 

The Law School reserves the right to deny any requests that are determined to be inconsistent with the Law School’s academic mission or based on space, safety, or logistical concerns, as well as prior history of negligent use

Hours Rooms Can Be Reserved (Academic Year

  • Hutchins Hall and Legal Research: Sunday-Saturday, 8 a.m. – 10 p.m.
  • South Hall: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. – 10p .m.
  • Weekend events require prior approval.

Requesting a Room Reservation or Table 

Making a Reservation

To submit an event, room reservation, and/or table request:

  • Members of the Law School community must submit their requests via the online reservation system at
  • Outside entities wishing to request Law School event space must contact Jenny Rickard, meeting and special events manager, at [email protected] or 734.764.4705. Please note that room reservation and/or audio visual fees may be required in order to reserve event space at the Law School.
  • Fees for cleaning and/or furniture rearrangement/moving may apply.
  • Fees for required Law School support staff, additional custodial staff and/or security personnel may apply.

To submit an audio/visual (“AV”) reservation request:

  • Members of the Law School community must submit their AV requests via the online reservation system at
  • Outside entities that wish to use AV services at the Law School for approved events must contact Jenny Rickard, meeting and special events manager, at [email protected] or 734.764.4705. Entities outside of the Law School community may be required to pay additional fees in order to use AV services at the Law School.

All requests, including those for AV support, must be submitted at least two weeks in advance of the proposed event. Schedulers reserve the right to deny requests not made within this timeline. 

Food and Beverage Policy

Caterers must work with the events manager and facilities staff to coordinate all logistics. Caterers are responsible for setting up and breaking down the catering set up. The event space must be properly bussed, cleaned, and left as originally found.

Groups hosting more casual meetings at which take out foods, such as pizza and sandwiches, are to be served are responsible for cleaning the event space and leaving it as originally found. 

Entities that fail to leave event space as originally found may be charged fees associated with cleaning and/or furniture rearranging/moving and may be denied future use of law school space.

The Law School is bound by fire safety and Occupational Safety and Health regulations. Therefore, the meeting and special events manager and facilities manager must be notified any time food will be served in order to ensure compliance with U-M and state regulations.

Groups are encouraged to use compostable materials whenever possible. Please work with the events manager and facilities manager to make arrangements for removal of compostable items after an event.

Alcohol Policy 

The Law School does not have a liquor license. Alcohol can only be served at an event if the following criteria are met:

  • The event is approved by the Dean’s Office and/or senior administration. 
  • The event is private, by invitation only, free of charge with no registration fee or cash bar. 
  • The area in which the alcohol is being served is separated from general public access.
  • The alcohol will be served by certified servers who are trained in techniques of alcohol management.
  • Caterers have liquor liability insurance. 
  • When reserved by a Sponsored Student Organization, student organization representatives who have completed approved alcohol host training (as approved by the Office of Student Life) must attend and monitor the event. When a Law School department sponsors an event, a designated responsible individual from the hosting department must attend and monitor the event. (Voluntary Student Organizations may not host events with alcohol at the Law School.)
  • All guests are of legal drinking age. (Alcohol cannot be served when among participating guests are students not of U.S. legal drinking age.) 
  • For all events at which alcohol is served:
    • all alcohol must be purchased specifically for the individual event and paid for by the department/group planning the event; and
    • no inventory of alcohol can be kept after the event is over.
  • Non-University organizations must provide evidence of liquor liability insurance in an amount determined by the University’s Risk Management Office. The regents of the University of Michigan must also be named as an additional insured. Outside groups may be required by law to obtain a special license to serve alcohol.
  • Notification about any event at the Law School where alcohol will be served must be sent to the Office of the VP and General Counsel at [email protected].

Room Rental Fees

Entities internal to the University of Michigan will not be charged a room rental fee but are expected to pay any custodial costs, AV technician overtime costs, and/or security costs directly associated with their event.

Entities external to the University of Michigan may be allowed to rent classroom and/or conference room space at the Law School; decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis. When approved, room rentals are subject to the following schedule of fees:

Capacity Per day fee

1-20 people $100

21-75 people $150

75-140 people $200

140+ people $250

Non-classroom Reservations

As a general premise, the Law Quadrangle, Aikens Commons, and Jeffries Lounge are available to law students, staff and faculty for only their designed purpose as Law School community use/study spaces. Under ordinary circumstances, programs and talks will be held in classrooms and not in the Quadrangle, Aikens Commons, or Jeffries Lounge. At certain times, however, the Law School may permit an exception for the use of those spaces for special events that meet the criteria below. Such reservation requests may be made only by Law School faculty, administrative offices, and Eligible Organizations. To submit a reservation request for any of these spaces, please send an email to [email protected]. Please be sure to outline your event and explain why it cannot be held in a classroom or other reservable space.

Law Quadrangle 

Limited to Law School Office of Development and Alumni Relations events and other events approved by the Dean. 

The Hutchins Hall inner courtyard is considered classroom space and can be reserved as such.

Aikens Commons

Upper Commons (excluding café)

Full Closure – Full closure means that the entire space is made unavailable and events must be for one of the following:

  • Events open to the entire Law School community;
  • Events hosted by the Dean’s Office;
  • Law School Alumni and Development activities; or
  • Events hosted by the University of Michigan President

If the event requires early closure of the café, certain additional costs will be associated with the room rental.

Partial Closure – Partial closure of the Commons means that a dedicated space will be cordoned off for the event. When approving partial closures, consideration will be given to time of day of event– no partial closures will be granted between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Thursday. The scope and location of the partial closure will be determined in conjunction with the facilities manager.

  • When recognized Eligible Organizations request closure, the event must be for the benefit of the entire community 
  • Requests must be made two weeks in advance

Furniture– Any group making a request to have the furniture moved (in part or in full) will be responsible for paying the costs of a moving service designated by the Law School. Furniture rental is the responsibility of the hosting group. All furniture must be put back in place within 12 hours after the event has ended. Any damage to furniture or facilities resulting from moving or use during such events will be the responsibility of the organization or entity reserving the space.

Lower Commons

The Lower Commons is student-oriented space and will be closed for events only under very special circumstances. Please contact the special events manager at [email protected] with such special requests.

Media Room/Group Study Rooms

  • The media room may only be reserved by members of the Law School community for internal use.
  • Individuals reserving the room will be required to post notification (e.g. signs) at least 48 hours in advance of the event to announce the reservation, the date and time of closure, and the name of the student and/or organization hosting the event.
  • Media room walls must only be moved by the Law School facilities staff.
  • Reservations for the Media Room can be made through the room reservation system at 
  • Reservations for the Group Study rooms can be made through the Registrar’s Office.

Room Capacities

Upper Commons: 

  • Standing: 585
  • Chairs only: 418
  • Tables and chairs: 195


  • Standing room: 148
  • Tables and chairs: 50
  • Chairs only: 106

Lower Commons:

  • Standing: 661
  • Chairs only: 472
  • Tables and chairs: 221

Media Room:

  • 20

Notification – Notification of closures (other than the Media Room) will be posted at least two days prior to the event by Law School facilities.

Cleaning – Groups that require the space to be cleaned before their event must communicate with Law School facilities in advance. Groups will be responsible for any cleaning costs incurred as a direct result of their event (whether before or after the event).

Jeffries Lounge

The Jeffries Lounge is open to the Law School community, and is primarily a study space for law students. In general, priority for the space is given to students using the space for studying and quiet academic collaboration. Requests to reserve the Jeffries Lounge for other purposes will be permitted on a limited basis, provided the event meets the criteria below. Under ordinary circumstances, programs and talks will be held in classrooms and not in the Jeffries Lounge.

Because reserving this space renders the entire space unavailable, reservations may only be made for the following:

  • Law School Alumni and Development activities
  • Events hosted by Law School academic and administrative offices for the purposes of conducting unique programs that benefit the Law School (e.g. Career Services networking receptions, special programs hosted by the dean, etc.)
  • Events hosted by a Law School faculty member in relation to an academic endeavor (e.g. conferences, receptions after academic lectures, etc.)
  • Events hosted by Eligible Organizations for which the Lounge is the only appropriate venue (i.e. networking receptions), provided:
    • Attendance at the event is open to the entire Law School community
    • The event takes place during non-peak study hours (student organizations will not be able to reserve the lounge during study days or finals periods).
    • The event would not result in undue wear and tear on the space.
    • Reservation requests must be made at least two weeks in advance.

Additionally, Eligible Organizations are limited to reserving the lounge twice per academic year. Failure to leave the lounge in the same condition in which it was found will result in the Eligible Organization being prohibited from reserving the lounge in the future.

Additional Jeffries Lounge Provisions

Furniture– If a group makes a request to have the furniture moved in part or in full, it is assumed that the group will pay for the cost of moving furniture. Approval for bringing in rented furniture will be made on a case-by-case basis. Costs of renting additional furniture are the responsibility of the reserving group. All changes in room configurations are subject to approval by the fire marshal. The cost of repair or replacement of any furniture damaged during an event will be charged to the group or individual responsible for the reservation.

Food - If food is to be served, notification must be included in the original room reservation request. Approval for food will be made on a case-by-case basis. All events must abide by the U-M alcohol, fire safety, and Office of Environment, Health & Safety policies.

Room capacity - Capacity for the Lounge in its normal configuration is 66 people. 

Notification – Notification of closures will be posted by facilities staff on the day of the event.

All lounge reservation requests must be submitted at least two weeks in advance to Jenny Rickard at [email protected].

Lawyers Club

Law students and Law School student groups may reserve space in the Lawyers Club for meetings, receptions, and other events. All events must be approved by the club’s Administrative Team, Michael Jones-Rupert or Shawn Risdon-Karoub ([email protected], 734-764-1116), whose office is located next to the club lobby desk. Reservations and a signed contract are required in advance of any use. 

Generally, the same priorities as set forth in the policy statement for the Law School will apply. The Law School and University Policies governing the use of alcohol also govern the Lawyers Club.