"A Bottom-up Approach to Redressing Past Violations of Human Rights"

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Bottom-up Politics: An Agency-Centred Approach to Globalisation
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This contribution examines how civil society actors pursue justice in various ways different from, or in addition to, those of the formal justice system and in so doing seek to enhance human security. Human security has been the subject of multiple conceptual analyses since the publication of the 1994 Human Development Report (United Nations Development Programme, 1994). Different approaches have emphasized particular dimensions: direct physical violence (Canada), political violence (Human Security Report) and freedom from want (UNDP; Japan). The work of the Human Security Study Group convened at the behest of Javier Solana by Mary Kaldor articulated an operational framework that called attention in particular to the need for a ‘bottom-up’ approach (Barcelona Report, 2003; Madrid Report, 2007).