I got Rickroll’d.

It’s that time of year again—the battle of the singing Valograms. (The Headnotes, our awesome a cappella student group, raises money every February for Student Funded Fellowships by serenading folks at ten bucks a pop—this year, more than two hundred lucky people were publicly mortified!) Earlier today, I had one delivered during class to Professor Ellen Katz; I’m old school, so I selected “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” from the list, on the ground that it was the only song I actually recognized. Immediately afterwards, I spoke by phone to Professor Katz, who seemed to have taken my gift of love in the wrong spirit. She spoke of “getting me” and “revenge.” I am 99%—98%?—certain that her outrage was merely feigned.

But this afternoon, I got my comeuppance. At first, I was startled to see a man in the foyer of my office in a trench coat—becoming even more startled when I saw the dozen or so people behind him. Startled turned to delighted, of course, when the beatboxing began and they launched into Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up.” And the JayBieb’s (JayBiebs’? JayBiebs’s?) encore, “Baby”? Well, you just can’t go wrong with The Bieber.

No worries, though, people. This light-hearted post is but a brief distraction. I promise to return soon to the topic of career statistics.

-Dean Z.
Assistant Dean for Admissions
and Special Counsel for Professional Strategies