Driven to drink.

Today at our staff meeting, our receptionist, in collusion with our back-up phone answerer, proposed a festive holiday drinking game. Specifically, they suggested that whenever callers ask certain questions, the person answering the phone takes a shot. Her nominee question for this week was, “Will you hold my application for the December LSAT?”

Obviously, this is a bad idea. One cannot have a receptionist who is drunk by 10AM, holiday season or not. But although I nixed the plan, I remain concerned. The reception area is three floors away from my office (which some might say is the penthouse of our ancient admissions house, and others might say is the attic). Can I really be confident about what’s happening down there?

So I need your help. Don’t be an enabler. Don’t ask her this question. (We have an FAQ that handles this (question  in the LSAT section of our FAQ's); the short answer is–oh come on. Lawyers don’t like short answers. Just read the FAQ.) Help our receptionist stay straight.

-Dean Z. Assistant Dean for Admissions and Special Counsel for Professional Strategies