U-M Dropbox

The university transitioned from U-M Box to U-M Dropbox for cloud-based file storage in 2021.  If you are new to the university you will need to create your U-M Dropbox account before you can start using it.

Create Your U-M Dropbox Account


Important Policy Notes

Leave Smart Sync settings at "Online only"
The Dropbox app has a Smart Sync feature that is on by default.  Your files do not actually reside on your computer unless you are currently working on them.  We urge you not to change this setting as you may inadvertently download sensitive data to your desktop which is against university security policies.  You could also fill up your hard drive with your Dropbox files if you sync them locally. Smart Sync settings - leave default



Handling Clinic Data Policy


Accessing Your Files

Once you create your U-M Dropbox account, you can access your files on the web or by installing the Dropbox app.

Dropbox on the Web   Install the Dropbox App
Note: Law School Information Technology staff will work with you to install the Dropbox app on university-owned Windows computers.

Installing and configuring Dropbox

Dropbox Setup on Windows (video)  Dropbox Setup on Mac (video)
Dropbox Setup on Windows and Mac (Google Doc) 

Law IT Dropbox Presentations

Zoom Recording of June 15 Session (video) 

Dropbox Training - ITS Resources

Moving From Box to Dropbox (video)  Dropbox Training (video)
Training Page  ITS Dropbox FAQ
U-M Specific Resources



Q: Why did the university move from U-M Box to U-M Dropbox?
A: The University's contract with Box ended in December 2021.  Box raised their prices to a figure that no longer made sense to the university, and therefore ITS chose Dropbox as the replacement for Box.

Q: I'm not seeing folders in the Dropbox app on my computer, why?
A: First, check Dropbox on the web (link below).  Click on the "Shared" link on the left.  If you see a folder shared with you on this page, hover over it, and click the "Add to Dropbox" button. 
Now in the Dropbox app, check your preferences and make sure you are syncing all the folders you want to see on your computer. 
Dropbox on the Web  
See Sync Example

Q: When I open a Dropbox Paper file, why do I see "Reid Paxton wants to share..."?
A: Reid Paxton is one of the owners of the U-M Dropbox account at ITS, therefore Dropbox thinks he is sharing a file with you.  This is normal, and you can continue signing in to access the file.  You may see other ITS employee names, or just "ITS" on screens like this.

Q: How long are deleted files kept in Dropbox?
A: Deleted files are retained in the "deleted files" folder for 10 years unless they are permanently deleted from this folder.  Please do not use this folder as a storage archive.

Q: If I link my personal Dropbox account, will the university have access to it?
A: Connecting a personal account in the Dropbox app does not give the university access to it.  It merely gives you the ease of accessing files in both accounts.

Q: Does Dropbox have a way to automatically delete files after a set period of time? 
A: Dropbox currently does not have this functionality.