Hutchins Hall Lockers

Law students may use the lockers located throughout the basement of Hutchins Hall and those in the basement locker room across from the elevator. Any locker without a lock on it may be claimed for use by any student. Each student may register and use one locker.

Find an empty locker and place your lock on it. Then complete the online Locker Registration Form. Leave your lock on your locker at all times (including over the summer while you are still enrolled). 

Lockers may be used until the date of graduation. After registering a locker, if you decide to change to a different one please complete the online form again, indicating both the old and new locker numbers.

Register for a Locker

Jeffries Hall Lockers and Shower Rooms

There are locker rooms and showers in the lower level of Jeffries Hall for the use of the Law School community. You will need to request specific MCard access to use these rooms. Once access has been given for the locker room, you will be able to access it until your card expires.

Request Shower Access

Locker Use Guidelines

The Law School is not responsible for the contents of your locker. Do not leave items of value in your locker, especially over the summer, as they are sometimes vandalized. If your locker is vandalized, you should report it to the University of Michigan Police Department via email at [email protected] (or via phone at 734.763.1131) and the Office of Student Life via email at [email protected]

Upon graduation, remove your lock and all the contents in the locker. Lockers registered to graduating students will be emptied during the week following graduation. If a lock is still in place after the graduation date in your registration, it will be cut off and the contents of the locker will be thrown away.

If your graduation date changes for any reason you must update your registration form with your new graduation date.