Recent Student Award Winners

  • Henry M. Bates Memorial Scholarship Award
    • Sarah Bender
    • Gabe Chess
    • Nia Vogel
  • Jane L. Mixer Memorial Award
    • Alexis Franks
  • Irving Stenn Jr. Award
    • Dashaya Foreman
    • Jeff Gurley
    • William Hanna
  • APALSA 1L Public Interest Fellowship

    Presented by the Asian Pacific American Law Students Association to students who have evidenced an intent to contribute to the Asian Pacific Islander American community and the public interest.

    • Sarah Choe
    • Lora Zuo
  • Clara Belfield & Henry M. Bates Overseas Fellowship

    Enables students who have completed two or more years of law study to pursue academic or professional projects abroad. These fellowships are made possible through the generosity of Helen Bates Van Tyne.

    • Kushagr Bakshi
    • Dalia Ibrahim
    • Cheyenne Kleinberg
    • Teddy Ulin
  • Anthony Benton Memorial Award

    Recognizing scholastic excellence in the fields of international and/or constitutional law, as well as participation and leadership in activities related to the Law School’s educational program. The fund for this award was established by friends and associates of the late S. Anthony Benton, ’63, an excellent student and a participant and leader in extracurricular activities at the Law School.

    • Erin Kwiatkowski
  • William W. Bishop Jr. Award

    Recognizing distinction in the field of international law and in related Law School activities. The award was established by friends, colleagues, and students of the late Professor William W. Bishop in appreciation for his long and distinguished service as teacher, scholar, and editor-in-chief of the American Journal of International Law.

    • Lauren Fleming
  • Lee C. Bollinger Prize

    Recognizing excellence in the study of the First Amendment. This award was established by graduates of the Law School in honor of Lee Bollinger, dean of the Law School from 1987 to 1994 and president of the University of Michigan from 1996 to 2001.

    • Nethra Raman
  • Henry M. Campbell Memorial Prize & Campbell Competition

    The oldest of the various competitions at the Law School, the Campbell Competition involves many hours of intense preparation by both its participants and the student board, which plans and implements the event. The competition is sponsored by Dickinson Wright PLLC.

    • Mark Rucci (First Place)
    • Gabe Chess (Second Place)
  • Alden J. “Butch” Carpenter Memorial Scholarship Award

    Presented to students who have evidenced an intent to apply their legal training in a manner that will assist the development of an economically depressed and traditionally disadvantaged community. The fund for this award was established by the Black Law Students Association in cooperation with the Black Alumni Association to motivate law students toward the social commitment demonstrated by Michigan Law student Butch Carpenter before his death in 1978.

    • Jalen Rose


    • Braxton High
    • Kamryn Sannicks
  • Class of 1908 Memorial Scholarship Award

    Presented to the student who has attained the highest scholastic average at the beginning of his or her senior year. The award is presented through the generosity of The Hon. Guy B. Findley, 1908.

    • Jacob Pearlman
  • Howard B. Coblentz Prize

    Presented to a member of the Michigan Law Review editorial staff for outstanding contributions to the Law Review. The award was established in memory of Howard Coblentz, 1918, who enlisted while a student and lost his life during WWI.

    • Will Jankowski
    • Elena Meth
  • Helen L. DeRoy Memorial Award

    Presented to the author of the best student contribution to the Michigan Law Review.

    • Kathryn Buggs
  • Helen L. DeRoy Scholarly Writing Award

    Presented by the faculty to students who have produced scholarly work of superior quality for seminars or independent research projects. The award is given for work prepared without the expectation of publication.

    • Pallavi Bugga
    • Laura Durand
  • Paul R. Dimond Prize

    Awarded for the best scholarly work in civil rights, constitutional law, or judicial review

    • Sarah Bender
  • Raymond K. Dykema Scholarship

    Recognizing a Michigan Law Review editorial board member for leadership of and significant contributions to the journal.

    • Ted Steinberg
  • Emmett E. Eagan Award

    Recognizing excellence in courses in the field of corporate law. The award was established by the Detroit firm Miller Canfield to honor its senior partner, Emmett E. Eagan, ’34.

    • Giordano Silvaggi
  • Robert S. Feldman Labor Law Award

    Presented to the senior student who has done the most outstanding work in the field of labor law, with account taken of performance in courses, seminars, independent research, and on journals. The award was established through the generosity of the late Robert S. Feldman, ’38, a leading labor-relations attorney in Michigan.

    • James Stehlin
    • Kaleb TerBush
  • Fiske Fellowship

    Awarded to exceptional graduates serving as government employees at the federal, state, or (in exceptional cases) local level. Applicants must demonstrate a commitment to public service values. These fellowships were established through the generosity of Robert B. Fiske Jr., ’55.

    • Shay Collins, ‘23
    • Rebecca Conway, ‘22
    • Megan Donnelly, ‘23
    • Julia Hooks, ‘23
  • Ralph M. Freeman Foundation Scholarship

    Awarded to the second- or third-year student who has demonstrated true excellence in the fields of criminal law and procedure.

    • Gabby Barber
  • Daniel H. Grady Prize

    Presented to the student who has graduated with the highest standing in their Law School class after completing the full course of study.

    • Erin Montera, ’22
  • Carl Gussin Memorial Prize

    Presented to one or more students who have excelled in trial work. The prize was established by friends of Carl Gussin, ’31, a well-known Detroit trial lawyer and co-founder of the Negligence Committee of the State Bar of Michigan.

    • Sean Andrews
    • Madelyn Hughes
  • Rockwell T. Gust Advocacy Award

    Recognizing the student who has demonstrated the greatest potential as a trial lawyer and advocate. The award was established by the Detroit law firm Butzel Long to honor its senior partner, Rockwell T. Gust, 1914, for more than 60 years of distinguished practice as a trial advocate and counselor.

    • Will Ellis
    • Kaleb TerBush
  • International Academy of Trial Lawyers Award

    Presented to a senior student who has demonstrated outstanding ability in courtroom advocacy.

    • Olivia Torres
  • Richard Katcher Senior Tax Prize

    Recognizing excellence in courses and seminars in taxation and related areas. The prize is made possible by the generosity of the late Richard Katcher, ’43.

    • Roberto Arza
  • Allan Lewis Kaufmann Memorial Award

    Recognizing the student author or authors of the best student contribution(s) to each volume of the Michigan Law Review. The award is funded through the generosity of the late William Allan Lewis Kaufmann, ’43, in memory of his father, Allan Lewis Kaufmann.

    • Kathryn Buggs
  • Jon Henry Kouba Prize

    Recognizes the best student papers on (1) the European Union and (2) international peace and security. The prize is made possible by the generosity of Jon Henry Kouba, ’65. These prizes were awarded for the 2021 academic year.

    • Josh Brown, ‘23 (European Union Winner) 
      “Food Additives Regulation in the US and EU”
    • Evan Mulbry, ‘22 (International Peace and Security)
      “Cyberweapons Arms Control”
  • La Comunidad Fellowship

    Presented by the Latino Law Students Association to a student who has demonstrated a sincere commitment to pro bono work and a career in public interest, as well as dedication to the Latinx community.

    • Marlisa Marquez
  • Jeffrey S. Lehman Legal Practice Award

    Presented to a student deemed the best in Legal Practice from the previous year. This award is in honor of Jeffrey S. Lehman, ’81, dean of the Law School from 1994 to 2003, and is made possible through the generosity of The Homeland Foundation.

    • Jordan Schuler
  • Dores McCree Award

    Presented to a student who has consistently demonstrated the personal qualities that Dores McCree exemplified during her work at the Law School from 1988 to 1996: extraordinary devotion to the well-being of students, commitment to a widely inclusive and unified vision of the Law School community, grace, wisdom, compassion, and modesty.

    • Himani Nadgauda
    • Abani Rollins
  • Michigan Supreme Court Historical Society Law Student Prize

    Recognizing outstanding work in courses relating to legal history. The award is sponsored by the Michigan Supreme Court Historical Society.

    • Lara Ryan
  • Saul L. Nadler Memorial Award

    Recognizing outstanding work in courses and written projects relating to commercial law, corporate law, creditors’ rights, and securities regulation. The award is funded by a gift from the Nadler Foundation in memory of Saul L. Nadler, ’36.

    • Jacob Pearlman
    • Amanda Rahie
    • Irene Sun
    • Christina Vaccarello
  • National Association of Women Lawyers Award

    Presented to a senior student who has demonstrated achievement and motivation in academic and community work and has exhibited the potential for future contributions to the advancement of women in society and in the legal community.

    • Amulya Vadapalli
  • 1L Oral Advocacy Competition

    An internal competition that serves as an introduction to moot court.

    • Ellory Longdon (Winner)
    • Emily Krejci (Runner-up)
  • Outlaws Public Service Fellowship

    Awarded to a student who demonstrates a commitment to the LGBTQ+ community at Michigan Law and to LGBTQ+ legal issues as shown through academics, stated career interests, volunteer work, and extracurricular involvement.

    • Rory Peters
  • Jack C. Radcliffe Jr. Award

    Presented to second- or third-year students who have served as senior judges in the Legal Practice Program and demonstrated excellence in mentoring first-year law students. The award was established by colleagues, clients, friends, and family of Jack C. Radcliffe Jr., ’70, in remembrance of his commitment to supporting and mentoring young lawyers.

    • Allie Goldman
  • Jenny Runkles Memorial Award

    Presented to second-year students who have exhibited a selfless commitment to improving the Law School community and society as a whole through devotion to public interest and diversity. Students, faculty, and staff provide nominations for the award.

    • Breezy Adams
    • Emmy Maluf
    • Jessica Nelson
  • Craig Spangenberg Oral Advocacy Award

    Recognizes exceptional ability in courtroom oral advocacy. The International Society of Barristers established the award in 1999 in memory of Craig Spangenberg, ’37, a founder of the Society, its first president, an exemplary trial lawyer, and a superb oral advocate.

    • Sarah Bender
    • Annie Schuver
  • Eric and Virginia Stein Award

    Recognizing the best student contribution to the Michigan Journal of International Law. The award is made possible by the generosity of the late Eric Stein, the Hessel E. Yntema Professor of Law Emeritus, and his wife, Ginny.

    • Cheyenne Kleinberg
  • Juan Luis Tienda Memorial Scholarship

    Presented to students from Spanish-speaking backgrounds who have demonstrated a commitment to working for the advancement of Spanish-speaking people in the United States. The fund for this award was established in memory of Juan Luis Tienda, who died following his second year in law school.

    • Vivian M. Fernandez
    • Liliam Clavijo Hernandez
    • Daniel Roque-Coplin
  • Women Law Students Association Leadership Award

    Recognizing extracurricular leadership that has substantially contributed to the advancement of women at the Law School.

    • Dashaya Foreman
    • Annie Schuver
  • Myint Zan LLM Prize

    Presented to an exemplary student who has demonstrated interdisciplinary interests, a commitment to social justice, and an understanding of the role law can play in easing the plight of disadvantaged members of society. The prize is made possible by the generosity of Myint Zan, LLM ’82.

    • Erick Fabian Guapizaca Jimenez

Recent Faculty Award Winners

Journal Awards

  • Award for Exceptional Journal Service

    Presented to a student from each journal for outstanding all-around contributions to that journal.

    • Michigan Law Review: Philip Manning and Taylor Wilson
    • University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform: Spencer Darling
    • Michigan Journal of International Law: Cheyenne Kleinberg
    • Michigan Journal of Gender & Law: Hannah Mezzacappa
    • Michigan Journal of Race & Law: Shelly Feldman
    • Michigan Technology Law Review: Sandra Sulzer and Kennon Wales
    • Michigan Journal of Environmental & Administrative Law: Laura Miller
    • Michigan Business & Entrepreneurial Law Review: Amanda Rahie
    • Michigan Journal of Law & SocietyJonathan Barnett
  • Award for Outstanding Scholarly Contribution to a Journal

    Presented to the author who wrote the best note published by each journal.

    Michigan Law Review

    • Seth Mayer
      “Public Client Contingency Fee Contracts as Obligation”
    • Gabe Chess
      “Third-Party Beneficiaries of Government Contracts: Imagining an Equitable Approach and Applying It to Broken Promises in Detroit”

    University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform

    • Dana Florczak
      “Liability for Toxic Workplace Cultures”

    Michigan Journal of International Law

    • Javi Piñeiro
      Blog post: “Recognizing Climate Change as a Threat: The UN Human Rights Committee Can Extend Refugee Protections to Climate Migrants”

    Michigan Journal of Gender & Law

    • Arjun Parikh
      “The Preservation of the Separate Spheres Doctrine in Congress and the Federal Courts”

    Michigan Journal of Race & Law

    • Alexis Franks
      Multiple blog pieces “Evading Culpability: Racism in the Porn Industry”

    Michigan Technology Law Review

    • Tzu-Chiang Huang
      “Private Censorship, Disinformation and the First Amendment: Rethinking Online Platforms Regulations in the Era of a Global Pandemic”

    Michigan Journal of Environmental & Administrative Law

    • Lauren Ashley Week
      “Cultural Resources, Conquest, and Courts: How State Court Approaches to Statutory Interpretation Diminish Indigenous Cultural Resources Protections in California, Hawai’i and Washington”

    Michigan Business & Entrepreneurial Law Review

    • James Steiner
      “Who Owns Data? Understanding the Rights and Duties of Platform Stakeholders”

    Michigan Journal of Law & Society

    • Katherine Brausch
      Book review of Up Against the Law, by Luca Falciola

Pro Bono Recognition

  • Pro Bono Pledge

    The following senior students have completed the Pro Bono Pledge of at least 25 hours (LLM) or 50 hours (JD) of pro bono service while attending law school.

    • Sean Andrews
    • Alanna Autler
    • Anjali L. Baliga
    • Victoria Basedow
    • Riyah Amina Basha
    • Claire Bronwyn Beckett
    • Sarah M.L. Bender
    • Olivia Agnes Bloomhuff
    • Bryan J. Borodkin
    • William Fraser Brodt
    • Pallavi Bugga
    • Carly Bess Cannoy
    • Nina Charap
    • Gabe Chess
    • Daniella Sydney Cohen
    • Luise M. Cornelli
    • Megan Elizabeth Donnelly
    • Constance Iris Du
    • Laura Durand
    • Shelly D. Feldman
    • Matthew D. Feng
    • Natalie George
    • Nicholas Gillan
    • William M. Hanna
    • Rachel Anne Harrington
    • Cassandra Sam Hastie
    • Sydney Hofferth
    • Laura Irei
    • William S. Jankowski
    • Saba Khan
    • Susanna Maria Korkeakivi
    • Lia Landor
    • Erik Lessler
    • Rachelle Linsenmayer
    • Emily Liu
    • Peter Livingston Lom
    • Peter Luu
    • Alexandra Rogel Martz
    • Seth Mayer
    • Alexandra P. McDevitt
    • Tessa McEvoy
    • Laura J. Mebert
    • Laura Linda Miller
    • Eilidh Jenness Morrison
    • Reyhaneh Najafikoupaei
    • Michaela S. Olson
    • Elyse Devaney O’Neill
    • Abhi Parekh
    • Zofia A. Peach
    • Samuel Douglas Poortenga
    • Elizabeth M. Powers
    • Katherine M. Rogers
    • Annie Schuver
    • Anna Selles
    • Vishal Sharoff
    • Hannah J. Shilling
    • Julia H. Shults
    • Gabrielle Elise Simeck
    • Ariella Hope Stafanson
    • Mickey Terlep
    • Kate Thompson
    • Sabrina Tompkins
    • Olivia Kathryn Torres
    • Teddy Ulin
    • Zoe Van Dyke
    • Katherine Q. Van Scoy
    • Anna Venguer Benrey
    • Victoria Grace Walker
    • Wesley Barnes Ward
    • Sophia Weaver
    • Lauren Ashley Week
    • Katherine Welty
    • Kiersten Elizabeth West
    • Shawntel Mae Williams
    • Lauren Yu
  • Excellence in Pro Bono Service Award, Outstanding 1L Student
    • Sarah Portwood
    • Alexander Rizzutto
  • Excellence in Pro Bono Service Award, Outstanding 2L Students
    • Schulyer Stupica
  • Excellence in Pro Bono Service Award, Outstanding 3L Students
    • Victoria Basedow
    • Tessa McEvoy
  • Outstanding Pro Bono Project
    • Sentence Commutation Project

Certificate of Merit Recipients

Certificates of Merit are awarded to the students who were recognized for outstanding performance.

  • Winter 2023
    • Accounting for Lawyers: Noah Hellum
    • Administrative Law: Brigid Fitzpatrick
    • Business Economics for Lawyers: Daniel Weiss
    • Civil Procedure (Bagley): Daniel Kim
    • Civil Procedure (Seinfeld): Kathleen Ross
    • Commercial Law -- Secured Transactions & Mortgages: Frank Huang
    • Comparative & International Competition Law: Aayush Patel
    • Complex Litigation: James Stehlin Jr.
    • Constitutionalism in South Africa: Zachary Antin
    • Consumer Bankruptcy: Alex Kornfeld
    • Contracts (Blankfein-Tabachnick): Arthur Etter
    • Contracts (Viljoen): Jessica Ullom-Minnich
    • Corporate Compliance (J.D.): Amanda Claire Rahie
    • Corporate Compliance (LL.M.): Takeshi Yamamoto
    • Corporate Governance & Investment Banking: Dean H Farmer
    • Criminal Justice -- Investigation & Police Practices: Sophia Weaver
    • Criminal Law (CdeBaca): Tess Hancock
    • Criminal Law (McQuade): Noah Hellum
    • Criminal Law (Fryer): John Lutz
    • Criminal Procedure -- Bail to Post Conviction Review: Muiz Wani
    • Early American Legal History: Dawson Gershuny
    • Economic Analysis of Law: William Stampfl
    • Employment Law: Ryan Jansen
    • Enterprise Organization: Nicholas Holmes
    • Entertainment Law: Cameron Johnson
    • Evidence (Niehoff): Gabe Chess
    • Evidence (Clark): Caleb Ashley
    • Family Law: Zofia Peach
    • Federal Antitrust: Neena Menon
    • Federal Courts: Andrew Del Vecchio
    • Financial Markets -- Regulation, Policy and Transactions: Daniel Cowan
    • Foreign Affairs: Reilly Rastello
    • Formation of the Common Law: Brillian Bao
    • Higher Education Law: Robert James Edwards
    • History of International Law: Hannah Weissmann
    • Intellectual Property Survey: Jeffrey T. Simmons
    • International Law: Lulu Qian
    • International Litigation: Eric Walker
    • International Refugee Law: Alec Fischbein
    • Introduction to Constitutional Law: Ryo Kawashima
    • Labor and Employment Law in Indian Country: Taylor Hopkins
    • Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility: Andrew Del Vecchio
    • Legislation and Regulation: Jordan Schuler
    • Local Government: Trenton Buhr-Roschewski
    • Making of Civil Law: Tyler Lovall
    • Managing Crisis -- Strategies and Tactics for Corporate Distress: Esteban Woo Kee
    • Mergers and Acquisitions: Kerry Pemberton
    • Music Copyright: Elaine Hartman
    • Partnership Tax: Roberto Arza
    • Patent Law: Jeremy Thomas
    • Property: Joseph Rockwell
    • Race and the Law: Evelyn Winter
    • Race, Law, and History: Carol Guarnieri
    • Rules of Play -- Sports and Games as Legal Systems: Trajan Shomin
    • Securities Regulation: Katherine Van Scoy
    • Sports Law: Zach Gan
    • Startups & Venture Capital: Zachary Bloom
    • Torts: Salvatore Guido
    • Trademarks and Unfair Competition: Resilda Karafili
  • Fall 2022
    • Accounting for Lawyers: Graham Heise
    • Bankruptcy: Amanda Rahie
    • Civil Procedure (Darden): Salvatore Guido
    • Civil Procedure (Friedman): Ryan Jansen
    • Civil Procedure (Niehoff): Olivia Gingold
    • Comparative Human Rights Law: Claire Butler
    • Contracts (Arato): Olivia Gingold
    • Contracts (Cornell): Caleb Ashley
    • Copyright: Sandra Sulzer
    • Corporate Social Responsibility—Regulatory and Criminal Approaches: Mark Rucci
    • Corporate Lawyer—Law & Ethics: Sophia Bucci
    • Corporate Reorganization: Shruti Singh
    • Corporate Taxation: Andrew Zhang
    • Criminal Justice—Investigation and Police Practices: Scott MacGuidwin
    • Criminal Law: Jessica Ullom-Minnich
    • Data Privacy Law: Ben Marvin Vanderryn
    • Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation: Josh Krivan
    • Employment Discrimination: Kassandra Fotiadis
    • Enterprise Organization: Travis Closs
    • Environmental Crimes: Abe Eichner
    • European Union Law: Seth Mayer
    • Evidence (Friedman): Brigid Fitzpatrick
    • Evidence (Moran): Julia Shults
    • Federal Antitrust: Jacob Pearlman
    • Federal Courts: Gabe Chess
    • Federal Indian Law: Emmy Maluf
    • First Amendment: Nicholas Holmes
    • International Finance: Alexander Nye
    • International Law: Nicholas Holmes
    • International Tax: Adam Girts
    • International Trade Law: Conor Starrs
    • Introduction to Constitutional Law (Primus): Caleb Ashley
    • Introduction to Constitutional Law (Halberstam): Alec Fischbein
    • Introduction to Constitutional Law (Litman): Arthur Etter
    • Introduction to Constitutional Law (Primus): Kathleen Ross
    • Introduction to Income Tax of Business: Breezy Adams
    • Jurisdiction and Choice of Law: Ben Marvin Vanderryn
    • Law and Policy of Trade and Foreign Investment in Latin America: Tyler Loveall
    • Legislation and Regulation: Andrew Del Vecchio
    • National Security and Civil Liberties: Rebecca Fisher
    • Property: Joshua Baime
    • Sales and Secured Financing: Daniel Cowan
    • Taxation of Individual Income: Resilda Karafili
    • Torts (Schaus): Jeb Taylor
    • Torts (Herzog): Allie Corcoran
    • Torts (Price): Savannah Miracle
    • Torts (Clark): Karisma Keeton
    • Trusts and Estates I: Katherine Van Scoy
    • Water Wars—Law and Advocacy to Save the Great Lakes: Katherine Welty
  • Winter 2022
    • Accounting for Lawyers: Jacob Pearlman
    • Boundaries of Citizenship: Jordan Schuler
    • Commercial Law—Secured Transactions and Mortgages: Katherine Quasarano Van Scoy
    • Contracts (Jordan): Graham Heise
    • Contracts (Daugirdas): Isaac Houskamp
    • Contracts (Rauterberg): Michelle Wolk
    • Copyright: Jane Elizabeth Fisher
    • Corporate Lawyer: Law & Ethics: Sara Shoemaker
    • Criminal Law (C. de Baca): Kassie Fotiadis
    • Criminal Law (McQuade): Michael Turner
    • Criminal Procedure—Bail to Post Conviction Review: Erik Bubolz
    • Employment Law: Olivia Bloomhuff
    • Enterprise Organization: Teddy Ulin
    • Entertainment Law: Briana Sooy
    • European Union Law: Sean Shih
    • Evidence: Mark Rucci
    • Evidence: Will Jankowski
    • Federal Courts: Matthew Guiang
    • Financial Markets—Regulations, Policy, and Transactions: Andrew Watson
    • Formation of the Common Law: Megan Shanklin
    • Habeas Corpus: Lily Sawyer Kaplan
    • History of International Law: Jessica Paduganan
    • Impact of Human Rights on International Law: Haris Huremagic
    • Intellectual Property Survey: Pallavi Bugga
    • International Corporate Governance: Andrew Pierce
    • International Finance: Amulya Vadapalli
    • International Human Rights Law: Alaina Richert
    • International Investment Law: Emily Liu
    • International Law: Joshua Hasler
    • International Refugee Law: Olivia Vigiletti
    • International Trade Law: Susanna Korkeakivi
    • Introduction to Constitutional Law (Caminker): Andrew Del Vecchio
    • Introduction to Constitutional Law (Herzog): Nicholas Gadola Holmes
    • Introduction to Constitutional Law (Litman): Robin Peterson
    • Japanese Law: Hannah Juge
    • Legislation and Regulation: Abraham Eichner
    • Legislation and Regulation: Ben Marvin Vanderryn
    • Local Government: Jonah Feitelson
    • Making of Civil Law: Lara Ryan
    • Mergers and Acquisitions: Andrew Dziedzic
    • Prisons and the Law: Emily Boyk
    • Securities Regulation: Daniel Cowan
    • Sex Equality: Julia Orphao Magallaes
    • Stockholder Litigation: John Hibbard
    • Taxation of Individual Income (Hines): Michael Pfennig
    • Taxation of Individual Income (Fox): Nicholas Gadola Holmes
    • Torts: Brendan Sullivan
    • Trusts and Estates I: Natalie Chin
  • Fall 2021
    • 21st Century Infrastructure: A Lawyer’s Role: Emma Himes
    • Accounting for Lawyers: Josh Krivan
    • Administrative Law: Scott MacGuidwin
    • Bankruptcy: Iza Marie Graham
    • Capital Markets Regulation: Alex Kornfeld
    • Civil Procedure: Graham Heise, Benjamin Lehman, Elizabeth Munoz-Smith
    • Contracts: John Grosboll, Ethan James Haughie, Daniel Horwitz
    • Corporate Finance: Matthew Capelli
    • Corporate Taxation: Alan Tilley
    • Corporate and White Collar Crime: Tiffany Zi Ching Chung-Arzeno
    • Comparative Human Rights Law: Laura Mebert
    • Constitutional Law: Aaron Cox, Brigid Fitzpatrick, Allison Goldman
    • Crimes Against Vulnerable Communities: Sabrina Schulman
    • Criminal Justice: Investigations and Police Practices: Josiah Himmelman
    • Criminal Law: Abraham Eichner, Amar Nour Shabeeb
    • Economic Analysis of Law: Chris Rogers
    • Enterprise Organization: Jacob Pearlman
    • Evidence: Brooke Simone
    • Environmental Law and Policy: Brendon Anderson
    • Federal Antitrust: Iza Graham
    • Federal Courts: Lily Sawyer-Kaplan
    • Federal Indian Law: Alaina Richert
    • First Amendment: Hannah Shilling
    • Health Law: Sarah Bender
    • Immigration and Nationality: Olivia Vigiletti
    • International Law: Joseph Fiorile
    • International Tax: Amanda Swenson
    • Income Tax of Business: Adam Girts
    • Jurisdiction and Choice of Law: Adam Girts
    • Jurisprudence: Caroline Hoskins
    • Labor Law: James Stehlin Jr.
    • Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility: Gabriel Rosen
    • Legislation and Regulation: Jonah Hudson-Erdman
    • Natural Resources Law: Shay Collins, Joseph Pitti
    • Patent Law: Alexander Williams
    • Property: Aiden Park
    • Race and the Law: Dashaya Foreman
    • Rules of Play: Sports Legal Systems: Jacob Shapiro
    • Sales and Secured Financing: Daniel Gessner
    • Securities Regulation: Andrew Angel
    • Taxation of Individual Income: Amanda Swenson
    • Torts: Andrew Del Vecchio, Hannah Lefton, Benjamin Lehman, Trajan Shomin
    • Trademarks and Unfair Competition: Paige Kelley
    • Voting Rights and Election Law: Ruby Emberling
    • Water Wars/Great Lakes: Erica Paul
    • Women’s Human Rights: Nadia Jeiroudi