Belen Best, 2L

As a first-generation law student, Belen Best says a part of her still can’t believe she’s at Michigan Law, living and studying amidst the history of the Law Quad. “I’ve been blown away by my professors and classmates, who have diverse career goals and interests,” she says. “I have had so many pinch-me moments in the Law Quad.”

After her 1L year, Best worked in the Civil Division of the Department of Justice, specifically in the Office of Vaccine Litigation, which handles claims in rare instances where an injury may result from vaccination. “I was interested in trying out government work because I was a corporate paralegal before law school,” she says. “My undergraduate program was pretty research and science heavy, and I want a career that blends science, public health, and the law.” 

I really feel that the Law School is investing in me and my ability to make a difference.”

“My scholarship crosses my mind every day because I am so grateful; I would not have been able to come to Michigan without it. I really feel that the Law School is investing in me and my ability to make a difference,” she says. “Attending Michigan Law is one of the best things to happen in my life.”

Although her future plans aren’t cemented, Best’s summer work experience helped her see herself in the role of a litigator. “When I was younger, I had the idea that there is a particular type of person who gets involved in trial litigation. Being more introverted, that never really felt like me,” she says. “At Michigan Law, I have realized that there is space for all types of personalities in the legal profession. I’m excited to continue my journey.”