Mubarez Ahmed

Wrongfully convicted: March 25, 2002
Exonerated: October 26, 2018
Wayne County

Mubarez Ahmed was charged with murder based on an alleged association with a woman named Julie Wheeler (who owned a red car resembling one used in a double murder). 

Ahmed insisted he did not know Wheeler and had nothing to do with the crime. Even though he did not match the description given by an eyewitness, Ahmed was convicted of second-degree murder and sentenced to 44-60 years in prison.

Years later, the Michigan Innocence Clinic, assisted by private investigator Scott Lewis, was able to learn that the Wheeler connection had been fabricated, and that even the victim’s family knew that Ahmed was innocent. The clinic worked jointly with the Conviction Integrity Unit at the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office to achieve Ahmed’s exoneration in October 2018.

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