J.J. Prescott is the Henry King Ransom Professor of Law at the University of Michigan. His research interests revolve around criminal law, sentencing law and reform, employment law, and the dynamics of civil litigation, particularly settlement. Much of his work is empirical in focus.

Prescott’s current projects include exploring the role of technology in improving access to justice and legal decision-making; studying the consequences of criminal record expungement and record-clearing reform; measuring the importance and role of noncompetition agreements in the US labor force; evaluating the effects of prosecutorial discretion and decision-making on short- and long-term defendant outcomes, including disparities; and investigating the nature and repercussions of partial settlements in litigation.

Prescott also founded Court Innovations Inc. and developed Matterhorn, an online dispute resolution platform that helps people facing warrants, fines, minor charges, and other legal issues resolve their disputes with the government and other parties online and without the need to hire an attorney.