​Caroline Humfress is the L. Bates Lea Global Professor of Law at the University of Michigan. She also is professor of medieval history, a former director of the Institute of Legal and Constitutional Research, and the founding/current convenor of the MLitt in legal and constitutional studies at the University of St. Andrews.

Humfress has published widely on ancient, late antique, and early medieval law and religion, placing historical questions in dialogue with current legal, anthropological, and sociological concepts/approaches.

Most recently, she has edited The Cambridge Comparative History of Ancient Law (Cambridge University Press, at press 2023), the first project of its kind in the field of comparative ancient legal history, working with an international team of experts across the fields of ancient Greek, Roman, Indo-European, Near Eastern, and Chinese law.

She is currently completing a monograph, Law’s Empire. Multilegalism in Late Antiquity, for Oxford University Press in addition to working on ancient constitutionalism and ideas of legal ordering in late antiquity and beyond.