Barbara Day is adjunct clinical assistant professor of law in the International Transactions Clinic at the University of Michigan Law School. She counsel with Hills Stern & Morley LLP in Washington, DC, and has extensive experience in the international development finance area. She currently serves as a consultant to the US International Development Finance Institution. 

Formerly, Day was with the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), first as a project attorney in 2001 and then in a number of capacities, with much of her OPIC career focused on investment funds. At OPIC, she served as associate general counsel for investment funds, including two years as acting head of the Investment Funds Department. 

While at OPIC,  Day also served as primary in-house counsel on multiple loans to debt and equity funds as well as restructurings. As associate general counsel, she was responsible for standardizing the requirements for anticorruption/Know Your Customer/character due diligence for investment funds transactions, and she led the legal work related to restructuring OPIC’s investment funds product to develop an unlevered and levered loan facility. 

She was integrally involved in the development of the Innovative Financial Intermediary Program (IFIP) and the IFIP Small Funds template documents. She retired from OPIC in June 2017 as deputy counsel/general counsel.

Before joining OPIC, Day was a partner with the law firm Zuckerman Spaeder LLP in Washington, DC, where her practice focused on business transactions and insolvencies.