Some of you came to law school knowing you wanted to clerk. Some of you may have no idea what a clerkship is, why you would want to do one, or what a clerk actually does. Regardless of which camp you fall into (or somewhere in-between), this is a program you shouldn’t miss, and all class years are invited. We’ve assembled an incredible panel of alums to talk about their clerkships at federal circuit courts, federal district courts, federal bankruptcy courts, and state supreme courts. We’ll be covering topics like why clerking is such a great opportunity, what a clerk actually does, the different types of clerkships that are out there, and the things you can be doing now to improve your chances at landing one of these highly sought-after positions. We'll share some tips, some stories, and some lunch.

Lunch will be available for students who RSVP by noon on Wednesday, October 4, 2023.