This seminar will introduce students to the nature and function of the military justice system and contemporary issues in military law. Selected topics will include an introduction to the Uniform Code of Military Justice, the law of armed conflict, rules of engagement, court-martial jurisdiction, unique military offenses and defenses, First Amendment rights of military personnel, conscientious objection, the special role of commanders in the military legal system, efforts to reform the military justice system, Guantanamo and military commissions, military vaccination requirements, and military ethics. Throughout the course we will analyze and evaluate tensions among individual rights, military standards, and national security requirements; think critically about the similarities and differences between civilian and military justice; and, reflect on the vitality of military law in the 21st century. Class will be centered on robust discussion informed by readings, response papers, and occasional media presentations. This class is open to all students interested in engaging the subject matter — a military or national security background is not required.