Promoting Social Justice Through Intergroup Dialogue Facilitation
Learn to promote social justice by facilitating intergroup dialogue among your fellow law students. Using the University of Michigan's nationally recognized model for intergroup dialogue, we will learn to bring small groups of law students together to improve understanding across different social or political identity groups and to learn communication skills essential to successful lawyers. You will:
* learn and practice facilitation skills aimed at creating sustained and productive dialogue (not debate);
* explore individual social/political identities and their impact on students' law school experience and professional identity;
* place individual experiences in the context of social and systemic forces that can promote and maintain inequality, including the legal system and profession; and,
* advance social justice through the development of related individual and group action plans.
Students must be willing to co-facilitate law student intergroup dialogues during the upcoming Winter term. The availability of the opportunity to serve as a co-facilitator will depend on law student demand for the intergroup dialogue course planned for Winter term.