In this course, students will have a seat at the table structuring, negotiating and documenting a joint venture or other contractual alliance. The attractiveness of such ventures is evident as they allow for risk management particularly in connection with new markets, large-scale investments or integrating complimentary skills and assets. As an example, Warren Buffett and the Brazilian private equity fund that owns Burger King “joint ventured” to buy Heinz Ketchup! At the same time, the challenges posed by a continuing relationship are significant and consequently, the incidence of success is not high. The course will explore the complexities of entering into a relationship in which the birth, growth over potentially a long time frame (including funding, governance and dispute resolution within the venture) and its ultimate death need to be agreed upon ab initio. The course will focus on analyzing and drafting contractual provisions from the perspective of each party, including the reciprocity of various provisions which adds a somewhat unique element to the negotiations. The course will take an interactive, practical approach with simulations in class and drafting outside of the class.