Corporate Compliance: Policy and Practice
Whether planning a career in private practice, in-house, or in public service, students graduating from law school today can expect to be directly involved in matters of corporate compliance during their life in the law.
The compliance function now embedded in every public company in the United States would have been unknown to corporate officers twenty years ago, yet it is now a vital part of corporate structure and culture, and is of interest not only to in-house lawyers but also to those representing their interests, enforcing the laws in the face of misconduct, or developing policies to protect shareholder and public interests. This course will examine the historical events and legal responses giving rise this modern reality as well as the substantive rules governing corporate behavior. It will consider corporate compliance from the perspective of the corporation and its employees, attorneys, shareholders, and regulators. Students can also expect to examine developing matters of corporate compliance and to consider how specific matters are or should be handled. The course will also likely touch on matters of corporate governance and risk management.