Edna Turay, ’19
Davis, Polk & Wardwell, New York, NY

“From the moment I was accepted, Michigan Law has been there for me and given me the tools to succeed in every aspect of my life,” Edna Turay says of her time in Ann Arbor. “I’ve made friends I will cherish for decades to come, I’ve taken courses with legal giants, and even been lucky enough to develop close relationships with many of them. I learned what it means to do meaningful work for clients, and argued in front of a judge in a county circuit court.”

Michigan Law changed my life. I can’t wait to give back.”

One of the main reasons that Edna was able to attend Michigan Law is because of private support.

“A pre-commitment visit to Ann Arbor—during which I fell in love with the people and places that make our community so special—was made possible thanks to the generosity of alumni,” she says. “It was only after that trip that I truly understood what a Michigan Law experience could be for me.”

Scholarship support has meant a great deal to Edna, who saw evidence of alumni generosity throughout her time at the Law School, from the affordability of her living in the Lawyers Club to funding for every student group she joined through the Nannes 3L Challenge.

“Donors decide to give back, and I am grateful to be the direct beneficiary of that generosity,” she says. “I hope that one day I’ll be in a position to support students the way I’ve been supported for the last three years. Michigan Law changed my life. I can’t wait to give back.”