Readers of this blog may have noticed: short-winded I am not. See, supra, Everything I’ve Ever Blogged. And no one has ever seen my handiwork on the Law School’s Twitter account, @UMichLaw.

So who wants odds on whether I’m going to be able to conform to Twitter standards when it’s time for our giant Twitterpaloozafest? If you’re a law school prospective applicant, come see the trainwreck for yourselves: Monday, October 29, 8-9PM; follow #AskUMichLaw. The only thing that will be worse than having my head explode as I try to keep my answers to 140 characters or less (for the record, I feel strongly that the length standard for Twitter should be referred to as 140 characters or fewer, not less—but as far as I can tell, only NPR agrees with me, and even those paragons of rectitude revert to “less” in the URL) will be the sense of despair and desolation that will descend if no one asks anything at all.

Or, rather—let me put it this way:

I write a lot of words. Twitter will be hard: 140 characters or fewer?! Prospies, come C 4 yourself: @UMichLaw, 10/29, 8-9PM, #AskUMichLaw.

-Dean Z. Senior Assistant Dean for Admissions, Financial Aid, and Career Planning