It’s the moon landing all over again.

Recently, it was drawn to my attention that NBC has begun promoting the use of #A2Z. This was momentarily thrilling—I mean, not as thrilling as if HBO were promoting it, but still, kind of thrilling; who knew television networks were interested in law school admissions? Will they be proposing a TV show, reality or otherwise, based on my blog?! Will Gil Seinfeld play himself, or cajole Nicole-formerly-known-as-Snooki to do it!?!—until the second sentence of the email, in which I learned it related to some new TV show involving, like, on-line dating. Cue sad trombone music.

A sense of outrage quickly followed the emotional desolation. I’m not going to say the blog is famous, but is it nothing that two, sometimes three, people a month tell me they have read it? And anyway, what about the time-honored principle that I was totally there first? I have smilingly, even munificently, tolerated the virtually endless incursions on the name in other contexts, see, e.g.,


but hell, we just started using Twitter (possibly ensuring the end of Twitter), and it is not inconceivable that I might have wanted that hashtag.


So of course I had to dig a little deeper. What did I discover? I discovered that none other than Will McCormack is the executive producer of this new show. Yeah, THAT Will McCormack. The Will McCormack who is the little brother of Michigan Supreme Court Justice Bridget Mary McCormack. Who teaches at Michigan Law School. And—


The Will McCormack whose big sister once brought him over to my house for dinner.

Coincidence? Please.


It’s the moon landing all over again. By which I mean it is an obvious conspiracy, as opposed to a triumph of American vision, ingenuity, and engineering.

I understand that one of the characters in this new show is a lawyer. If that lawyer is not a Michigan Law grad, consider me permanently incensed.