Ability to work and play well with others—check.

Unlike our East Coast friends, Michigan hasn’t gotten much snow this winter, but last week, we finally got a decent accumulation. While walking back from lunch, I was quite taken with this impressive construction in the Law Quad:

snowman in quad

That’s a lovely shot of what might well be a cute little snowperson, but I’m afraid it really doesn’t convey the scale.  So here’s one with some helpful context (in the form – literally — of Alex Lee, our all-around web guru and creative genius—not to mention an average-sized guy):


My lunch companion, one of our professors, speculated about whether it would be possible to knock this thing over by running into it full-steam—he went to a different law school, where they do things differently than Michigan.  As he was expressing his confidence that he could obliterate it if he could just get up enough speed, another faculty member walked by—one who had gone to Michigan.  He kindly told the first professor that while we were all sure that he was in very good shape and manly and so forth, it would be impossible to knock over what must be about 2,000 pounds of hard-packed snow.  And then he made the money point, inspiring this post:  he said he wasn’t sure whether the construction was the work of a whole big group of people, or just two or three really focused people, but either way it was impressive, and showed commitment and an ability to cooperate for a goal. 
“You admit good people,” he concluded, patting me on the shoulder. 


-Dean Z.
Assistant Dean and Director of Admissions