In addition to our 81 full-time professors, L. Bates Lea Global Law Professors, professors from practice, and business and public interest/public service fellows, Michigan Law invites a select group of visitors, adjuncts, and lecturers to join the faculty annually—all of whom are passionate about helping their students learn the law both inside and outside the classroom.

The Library at Michigan Law

The Michigan Law Library houses one of the world’s best collections of research materials. With over one million volumes and more than 500,000 titles, many in electronic format, it is a center for legal research for students, faculty, lawyers, judges, and scholars from around the world.

Scholarship Repository

The University of Michigan Law School Scholarship Repository is designed to offer global access to the scholarship of the University of Michigan Law School. This repository is a service of the University of Michigan Law Library, which contributes to the mission of the Law School by supporting research, scholarship, and access to legal information.

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Get to Know Our Faculty

In our Better Know a Professor video series, we speak with Michigan Law faculty members to understand their approach to teaching, legal areas of interest, and what they value most in their relationships with students. 

If you want to understand the scholars and legal experts you’ll learn from as a Michigan Law student, these interviews are an invaluable source of information.